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A Taiwanese graduate student has won an art award for creating an Iron Man face in a toilet bowl out of his own blood and urine, and yes, it is totally gross, but also kind of fascinating. The graduate student is a fan of Marvel superhero and has a collection of Iron Man products.
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Mouse feces tend to be quite a bit smaller, of course, with pointier tips and a little more bulging in the center. AS far as I know, over twenty different types of disease are associated with rat droppings. This site is a product of TSI (Technological Solutions, Inc.), Copyright 2016, All Rights Reserved. He said he tried to make his work realistic as possible, otherwise using urine would have been ridiculous.

He took about two months to find a toilet bowl with a similar oblong shape to the outline of Iron Man’s face.
Chemical reactions between the acid and lead plates in the battery help make electricity to start the car.
Then he was eating edible pigmentation and successfully produced red, black and green urine. They are also used in many household cleaning products, baking soda, and to make fertilizer for crops. He arranged the colored urine to make it look like the character, and used his saliva to create foam for touching up. He needed to keep adding spit to his work while waiting for the judges to get to him during the contest. These are just a few examples of how the chemistry of bases and acids help our bodies function.

If you have discovered a large quantity of rat droppings, do not clean the mess until you can do so with proper safety equipment. Rodent diseases can become airborne, making a respirator mask a wise addition to your biohazard gear.
People who come in contact with a high quantity of rodent waste may need to be hospitalized if they contract Salmonella or Hantavirus.

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