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Do You Think You Have To Tell Your Boss You’re Pregnant Before You Start Your Job? None of us have kids so we have never been in this position but if you are three months pregnant and you know you are going to take time off in the coming months do you have to disclose that to your new employer?
If you're pregnant and you've noticed some odd personality changes in your dog, and maybe even some undesirable behaviors, you're not alone. According to Jennifer Shryock, Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, dogs really recognize all the subtle, and not so subtle, changes a woman's body goes through during pregnancy.
Your dog may seem confused by the scent change and act a little reluctant to be too close to you. Your dog may respond to your new scent by acting more affectionate and protective toward you. Your dog may actually remain happily oblivious to the entire change going on and continue to behave normally. Unless you were full-figured before the pregnancy, your body is going to increase noticeably in size. Your pet may also become flustered the first time he's snuggled up with you and feels the baby move. The confusion some pets feel during the pregnancy sometimes results in undesirable behaviors. If you haven't already put your pet through obedience training, there's no time like the present. If your dog has already been trained, it's a good time to start putting him through his paces to respond to the various commands. Inappropriate urination has to be dealt with immediately before it gets totally out of hand. Clean up the soiled areas using an enzymatic cleaner that is designed to remove all traces of urine.
Reinforce training by taking your pet outside and rewarding him for urinating in an appropriate place. If necessary, restrict your dog's run of the house to limit the areas where he soils until he's reliable again.
When the baby arrives, you'll all be operating around his schedule, so it's a good idea to accustom your dog to flexibility. Gradually vary your pet's feeding time so he's more flexible when baby's schedule takes precedence. Exercise your dog at odd times, in addition to his regular schedule, so changes won't upset him too much. Consider installing a dog door so your pet isn't completely dependent on you when he needs to go outside. One of the most important things you can do for your dog is accustom him to the presence of someone else in your lap. As the pregnancy progresses, the most important thing you can do for your pet is remain aware of how the changes in your life may affect him.
I am now 16 weeks pregnant and my 2 year old malamute has become very protective over my 2 year old son and myself.

Hi Marissa,The change in your own scent, due to your pregnancy, is probably what's driving your dog to mark territory in your bed. Hi Connie,Pregnancy brings change, and although I'm not sure if it has ever been scientifically proven, dogs can probably smell the change in hormones when a woman becomes pregnant.
Hi Kato,There's a bit of a psychological shift going on in your relationship with your dog right now. My 9 yr old spade female Mali-mutt has recently begun humping my 4 yr old intact male Basset hound.
Our dog was a calm one who rarely barked at passers-by, but immediately after a homebirth of our 5th child, our dog was growling and lunging at our neighbor's kids, kids that were friends of the family and kids that were complete strangers. Believe it or not, your dog can actually smell the difference in your body chemistry after you become pregnant.
While some pets don't seem to register any notice of a growing belly, other dogs, especially smaller ones, may actually appear a little apprehensive about your new shape and changes in the way you move as the pregnancy progresses. In fact, many dogs take their cues from their owners, and readily welcome the baby into the home.
You can do this yourself if you're in the beginning stages of pregnancy, or you may want to ask your partner to attend training classes with your dog instead.
You can help your pet prepare for baby's arrival by accustoming him to the scents of baby products.
Try to remain firm but patient and reassuring with him as you both adjust to your new life-style. To the point he has lunged at people at the door and won't let anyone but my husband around us. He's used to you smelling a particular way, and your current scent might confuse him a bit and make him think this might be an opportunity to take over the top spot in the family pack order, hence claiming by urinating to leave his own scent.
That change in her usual scent probably confuses the dog and might even make him feel a little insecure.
Going through obedience training with your dog (even if you've already done this before) will reinforce your role as her leader, and it really sounds like she needs that right now. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! In cases like this, the main concern may actually be protecting the baby from your dog's overly enthusiastic affections. This will begin to move your pet into his new position with the pack, yet reassure him that he can still be close to you as long as he behaves calmly around the baby.
Once the baby arrives and you all settle into your new routines, life will get back to normal. I like that he's protective but I don't like that when he gets in his protective moods no one can stop him. He doesn't like my husband to get to close to me, and he has started to become very affectionate and is constantly licking me. The behavior is undesirable, but it's probably only temporary as long as you're cleaning his accidents with the enzymatic cleaner.For the time being, I recommend that you make the bedroom off limits to your dog. Insecure dogs sometimes behave a little aggressively, such as the behavior your Morkie is displaying now.You don't have to put him out of the bed right now if you don't want to, but I would recommend making him sleep near the foot of the bed just to remind him that you and your husband are still higher than him in the family pack.

I am now 21 weeks pregnant and last week he started growling and even nipping us if we moved in our sleep. It is my first pregnancy, and I have never seen her do this in all the 9 years we've spent together. I am afraid the trust is broken to the point that even trying to train the dog to respond differently will be futile or dangerous if our dog decides to return to old behaviors and someone actually gets hurt.
Take this opportunity to train him to behave the way you need him to without any risk to a real child. Your bedding probably holds the highest concentration of your scent, and keeping him away from the temptation may be enough to take care of the situation.
If his behavior gets worse instead of better, that will be the time to make the bed off limits.The good news is that your dog's behavior is more than likely just temporary, so be kind but consistent with him so he understands your expectations for his behavior.
This is why she's not listening to you and why you have to work harder to make her do what you want. The basset has been with us for a little over a year and a half, but this has just started. Some dogs do change behavior with a newborn in the house, but that doesn't guarantee this is the situation with your pet. If you're consistent with this, and everyone in your household is consistent, you should be able to rehabilitate her behavior. This will help reassure him as he adjusts to the new situation, and things will eventually get back to normal. As for humping your other dog, this is dominance behavior, which ties in with her behavior towards you. Yes, it would be wise to confine her when the neighbor's kids are around, but eventually things should get back to normal.
She wants to establish herself over as many of her pack members as possible to secure her place as leader.You're right when you say you need to run her through her paces. She doesn't want to lay too close to me now, but she has continued to groom me like cleaning my feet and which has always been a favorite activity of hers. Better to see if you can rule out illness first, and pehaps ask the vet to evaluate her behavior.
She is more vigilant of what I'm doing but she also doesn't want to listen to me without being forceful with my commands. I definitely need to run her through her paces, but what I'm really curious about is why she has started humping as a possible response to my pregnancy?
Dogs really do want to know where they belong in the family pack, even if they aren't the leader.
Working your dog in this manner will assure her you're still in charge, and she can then relax more and not try to dominate you and your other dog so much.This won't be a super quick fix, but I'm sure you'll make progress with her if you stick with it.
She will most likely get back to being her old self once the pregnancy is over and she adjusts to having the new baby in the house.Best wishes for a safe delivery and a healthy baby.

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