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June 2, 2016in Beauty0 CommentsWe all know there are many things we have to stay away from when pregnant, alcohol, different foods, caffeine etc..
How you and your daycare provider can work together to ensure your child is getting the sleep she needs.
How much would you love someone having access to your Facebook account and all the private messages and content there?
Alexandria is a big fan of coffee, ice cream and road trips: all things that were highly restricted when her second child was born with severe food allergies. Check out some of our favourite sweet treats and homemade ice cream recipes to help keep you cool this summer!
The six things you should expect during your first prenatal visit, and the six things you need to ask your doctor.
Is it time to stop trying to solve the mystery of the grass-is-always-greener G-Spot orgasm? Did we unplug the appliances (yes, we do that) and lock all the doors? Yes, we double- and triple-checked. Is the family car ready for the trip? Yes, we ran through the list for preparing the family car for vacation.
If the answer to either is no, there are a multitude of products that can move cool air from the front of the cabin to the rear where the kids are. These filters sit behind the glove box in most cars and are absolutely disgusting by the time most vehicle owners think to replace them. Changing out the air intake filter on a car is the least invasive piece of maintenance you will EVER have to do!
Even adding air to your tires or topping off the oil in your engine are significantly more difficult and messy. However, changing the air filter with your new  FRAM extra guard filter is a very important part of maintaining your car. Most I’ve replaced have sat in an air box held shut by between three and five small, hex head screws.
I’ll position the middle of my car as close to the pump as possible and pre-pull the hose to the furthest tire.
When I tighten the kids in their carseats I have a tendency to heave more stongly than I ought to.
I’ve also noticed that my kids behave better and enjoy themselves more when they can see both their parents in the front seat. My windshield always has a haze on the inside from being a daily driver and being parked outside.

Noting the location and severity of any damage or defect to the windshield is also very helpful. While we may not have the hoverboards we were promised, electric longboards a€“A particularly Boosted Boards a€“A have come in at a close second.
Or, if you happen to have an electric drill and a spare longboard laying around, you can also make your own electric skateboard for getting from A to B in 2016 style.
Get the full tool list a€“A which equates to less than $500 including a DeWalt drill a€“ over at Inspire to Make.
Read Make Your Own Boosted Board-Like Electric Longboard with a Drill and a Drill Bit Extender at SolidSmack. But what about the products you put on your face everyday and how can you look after your skin when pregnant? She's a writer, blogger, speaker, entrepreneur, wife, and mom who has a passion for sharing allergy support, research and experience.
It gets us to work, hauls our groceries, provides emergency transportation when accidents happen, and can transport us far away when vacation season rolls around.
Pulling out of the driveway I got that familiar anxiety that rises whenever we leave for a family trip. Beyond thirst, it can be used to top off the radiator or fill up the windshield wiper reservoir. You only need some simple tools and less time than it would take to drink a cup of coffee to get it done. I like to have all caps off and always make sure I know the pressure I intend to fill to (Max fill PSI printed on rubber on the side of the tire). As a result, our car seats are in constant disarray, leaning too far backward or having to much side-to-side play. I have a penchant for filing these stickers in a file cabinet along with my insurance policy…not very helpful. But when I clean the inside of the glass before a trip I’m always so impressed at the resulting clarity that I promise myself to do it more often.
Most chips can be filled free of charge by local glass installers (paid for by your insurance). Also, unlike the hoverboard, you can actually buy an electric longboard today a€“ assuming you can justify the $1,000+ price tag.
Dairy should still be good around 10 to 14 days after the sell by date.Use by is pretty much what it says. Read on to find out!Do I Have To Change My Skincare Routine When Pregnant?We consistently get questions from pregnant women or women hoping to get pregnant about their skin as they want to know if they have to change the skincare products? Imagine the damage someone could with with access to all your most personal information stored there (not to mention all your personal messages and emails).

To insure proper operation we change the oil, rotate the tires, and perform all the other scheduled maintenance we need to…right? However washing grimy hands and faces, filling sippy bottles, and rinsing out travel potties (which are AWESOME) are other solid uses of your extra water stash. Plus, it removes one of the most obvious places for airflow restrition and better allows your car perform better. Most screwdriver bit sets include one or two magnetic bit holder that fit over hex head screws perfectly. Most fill station nozzles include a pressure gauge, but it doesn’t hurt to have your own. When I do remember to adhere the phone numbers inside the vehicle I neglect to update them despite changing insurance carriers several times. I can still recall driving through the snow covered mountains with the defrost on full-blast and being jolted by the sound of the windshield cracking lengthwise due to the significant temperature variations across the glass.
So how do you make sure the family car keeps us off the side of the road AND helps us keep our sanity?
The following products should be avoided:Retinoids Retinol is raved as a miracle ingredient for anti ageing and collagen build up. Unfortunately due to its strength it is not suitable for pregnant women, although there is no current evidence of negative effects it is advised by doctors to be avoided!
It can be listed as a Retinoid, Retinol or Retin-A on some products.Hydroquinone Hydroquinone is most common in skin lightening treatments and occasionally some stronger acne treatments.
Hydroquinone is absorbed deep into the skin making it unsuitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.Salicylic Acid Salicylic Acid is the go to for anyone who has ever suffered with acne – unfortunately it is another no go for pregnancy! Especially if you're using a portable device to access the internet, like a laptop, tablet or phone. Though the topical form that we tend to use is unlikely to cause problems it is still best to be safe and stay away particularly from products with a higher strength than those sold in chemists.Benzoyl PeroxideBenzoyl Peroxide is another common ingredient used against acne.
Although there are conflicting thoughts about whether this product is safe or not for use it is best to talk to your doctor or OB GYN before using it.TetracyclineTetracycline is an antibiotic commonly used to kill bacteria to fight Acne. Many women suffer from acne during pregnancy but it is best to use more subtle, organic products with no active ingredients.  Also consult your doctor about what products to use on your body if you are concerned about stretch marks.If you are currently using the ZO Skin Health range please give us a call on +353 1 676 1074 or contact us online to see what products are still suitable to use!

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