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This litter has fairly strong clumps, which is saying something because my cat always pees in the same spot and the litter is never allowed to dry. Anyhow, she is very thin with no tummy at all, her sides actually go inward.  She displays some some symptoms of heat such as sticking her butt in the air and treading legs when dog sniffs her and rolling around on the floor a lot.  Has anyone ever had a preg queen that acts like she is in heat or does this mean she is not pregnant?  Could a cat have a miscarriage without anyone noticing it? She may be in heat.  It is a not so wellknown fact, but cats CAN have two entirely different litters [at the same time simultaneously], and deliver them several weeks apart, both fulltime and both healthy. Keep in mind if she is pregnant her demeanour might change after birth, pregnant girls are often very cosy and smoochy.
I had a lady respond to my lost cat ad on the humane society website and it made me realize how much I'm attached to her already (turned out it was not her cat though)! I propose you close her somewhere she cant sneak out from, and where it is nice and cozy, with food, litter, water, some toys,  and proceed on with what you got to do. I mean, you dont need hardly to do anything especial.  But you must safeguard for her not to get out to meet a tom, with all the dangers it means.

Rescued stray (who we've gotten several calls about all turning out to be negative) who after a few days with us started showing a bulbous tummy, huge nipples, sleeping a lot, eating a metric ton, vet was pretty sure about her being preggers. While I wasn't expecting to adopt a pregnant cat from the get go, I do admit I had gotten used to and even excited about the idea. I hate the waiting game lol I've only been on this site for a little over two weeks I believe, just for my cats pregnancy and it feels way longer! Brought her to the vet on Dec 29 and the vet said she was fairly certain kitty was pregnant and due in a few weeks' time. I called about getting an X-ray or ultrasound done but was quoted $250-400 for the procedure which I just don't have. The constant almost distressed vocalizations, the rolling, the butt in the air, extra affectionate - just not putting her butt to everything or everyone yet but it's only been two days. Her belly is not too big but her nipples are erect and she has put on some weight in the last couple weeks for sure.

But in your case, hard to tell if she is actually pregnant or not, I guess just wait a week or so and see if she gets bigger on her sides.
And I admit that if it turns out this was a false pregnancy I'm actually really disappointed. Of course, I've been feeding her a higher calorie diet of kitten food as was recommended to me, so it could just be from that! I was just watching her and giggling at her earlier, with her bull legged and wobbly walk, and big belly, it's too cute!
I've got a wedding I'm helping with that goes off this Saturday and I'm torn on what to do about the cat.

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