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Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions or comments!Unfortunately, we will be unable to answer medical related questions. This week we talked about our mommy bellies.  We both have lots of dissatisfaction to go around. Emily tells me how she’ll open up magazine articles that promise five easy steps for getting your body back or losing your mommy tummy. When is she going to work out and get rid of her mommy bulge?  Us non-celebrity women whose job does not require we slide into size 4 jeans wake-up to different schedules.
Even an artist as modern as Edvard Munch did well to paint this nude of Mary with a respectably rounded, sensuous belly.
I used to be able to lay my forearm flat against my stomach, a flat bridge linking two hip bones. In the good times (read well-rested), in the moments when I wake after Finn has graced me with a full night’s rest, I value my post-Finn body.
My photography friend, Savannah, once said, “I find myself constantly referencing my mom friends with their pre-baby bodies. Savannah and I discussed a photograph at the blog Art and Motherhood, that has us wondering about our own feelings about pregnancy. The picture feels vaguely competitive in a way I don’t like, even forcing this woman to compete with her pre-pregnant body. On my desk there’s an invitation for a baby shower with a silhouette of a woman very, very pregnant.

And any  compliment that I receive, I’ll treasure, like the unexpected one I got last weekend as I was eating chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream with our Soulation Gathering. A couple pregnancy-related topics have come up around the office this week, and I think I may have scared my co-worker out of motherhood. She was looking at a photo of a pregnant belly to go with a blog post, and asked what the dark vertical line was running down from the belly button. We got together this week and sighed in relief about some things; Emily still cuts hair and I still write and speak. We rise for 2am feedings, spend our work-out energy on caring for our babies and our bodies look like, well, like we once carried a baby inside.
I don’t think Mary would have  believed the belly bulge comments about her post-Jesus body.
I don’t want my flat tummy back because that tummy never stretched to accommodate my son.
It feels like in this modern day, where so much focus is on the young childless woman, that the woman who has born children is looked down upon and can never return to the ranks of the barren bodies.
Aren’t our lives competitive enough that we don’t have to compete with earlier versions of ourselves, too? It offered paltry comfort for the longing I had to GET a belly, to be pregnant at the time. When I asked her about the missing piece, she told us that she cut off the part that had her in it.

She has her hands on the small of her back, pushing the large belly curve out even farther.  The artist obviously thought the huge belly was a good shape.
Since we live on the side of a mountain I knew that I could handle the walk downhill to meet him. I walked downhill for another 20 minutes before I thought it might be possible that I had the time wrong. I rested a lot in every shady spot I could find, the corgis rested too as the sun was beating down. He could drive me, Finn and the three corgis back up the hill.  I drank a little water and grabbed two handfuls of trail mix, excited to surprise him and share lunch together and set out. I marched, my shirt and Finn’s carrier a sweaty mess, straight into the house, too tired to wait for him. I headed inside and amazed myself by two things: not getting angry and the next morning, not being sore.

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