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Check out the Pregnancy Test Timing Calculator to help you decide when to take your first test.
Average Number of Pregnancy Tests Per Cycle How many pregnancy tests do you use each month? Join the friendly community of over 200,000 women who are already tracking their cycles and symptoms. When you're trying to conceive, you need ovulation tests and pregnancy tests - not just one or the other. Need Pregnancy Tests?Get low cost, reliable Early Detection Pregnancy Tests with free shipping!
Create your public pregnancy profile and record & share every milestone, moment and memory! To better understand when it is the best time to take a pregnancy test let me first explain how home pregnancy test works. If you are a woman who charts your fertility in any way, the best time to take a pregnancy test to see if you are pregnant is between 8 days past ovulation to 16 days past ovulation. In most women, I would recommend about 10-12 days after ovulation to make sure that you are in the correct window for your pregnancy test to detect the hormone hCG in your urine.
If you do not monitor your fertility a good rule of thumb is to test about 20 days after the day you had sexual intercourse that you believe could have caused a conception.

If you do take the test, it comes out negative and you still believe you might be pregnant, wait a day or two and try again. However, if you don’t feel like the best time to take a pregnancy test for you is first thing in the morning, anytime during the day that you have a full bladder will do.
It’s been found that the home pregnancy test kit could detect some types of testicular cancer in men.
I came across the story of a guy who discovered a pregnancy test kit left in his bathroom cabinet by an ex-girlfriend, and he decided to use it on himself as a joke. His friend made a short comic about his weird test and posted it online on the discussion site Reddit. The guy immediately scheduled a doctor’s visit and he was informed that he did in fact have a small tumor in his right testicle. According to the American Cancer Society, pregnancy tests work by detecting a hormone called Beta-HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin).
What started out as a joke turned out to save his life by allowing him to get treatment sooner. InfoNubia, your initial comments on this issue is hilarious!Yes, of course, a lot of women wish they can inflict the child bearing pain on us… but sorry, nope, back to you!
We have compiled and analyzed thousands of pregnancy test results submitted by real women, just like you! That’s when the body starts to produce hCG, which is measured by all pregnancy tests.

Of course, as you might see, 8 days past ovulation is about the earliest time that you will see the hormone hCG in your urine, but this is not the same in all women, it is only an average.
They come up with this number because it might take several days after sex for the sperm to have a chance to fertilize the egg, which means conception could actually take place a couple days later. Or if you would like a professional opinion there are many free clinics available to help you read your results. We have created tons of easy to read charts and statistics by brand and day past ovulation. Click the "Edit Cycle Dates" link for the desired cycle and check the "Annovulatory" box to record it. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! After conception takes place, it takes about two weeks for the embryo to implant and give off the pregnancy hormone hCG, so roughly 20 days is a great starting point on when to take your pregnancy test.
As one person who left a comment pointed out, it was a possible indicator of something that could be serious.

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