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Take a trip back in time to Berlin in the 1920s and enjoy this interesting political and cultural moment. Earlier rumors suggested that Beyonce is allegedly jealous that Kim Kardashian is pregnant with her second child. The "Crazy In Love" singer posted a photo of a new ring with the word "Blue" written on it. Beyonce recently posted a video on Instagram of herself dancing and celebrating the United States Supreme Court's decision in favor of same-sex marriage. KpopStarz Is Looking For Enthusiastic Entertainment Contributors Reach Millions On The Web. This time around, after a year of taking folic acid, just in case, and many conversations about finally being ready (emotionally, financially, and logistically) for another kid, we’ve been trying for a few months now, and it isn’t happening so easy breezy. I’ve got three different ovulation calculators as internet favorites and I am constantly double checking them all, like I did the weather forecast before my wedding day.
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Alexis KortAlexis works as the  Director for Community Engagement at a large Reform synagogue in Seattle. Before settling back in her hometown, she spent most of the past 18 years traveling and living all over the world, from Montreal and Mumbai to Istanbul and Brooklyn.

The fact that she is sporting her new bling on her left hand ring finger has sparked rumors that she's no longer wearing her wedding band.
Those ovulation tests are much harder to read than the simpler, more exact pregnancy tests. Each one has a slight variation on dates, which I find mindboggling and somewhat infuriating. Now that I am going to be at an advanced maternal age, if I am even able to have a geriatric pregnancy, each month of trying and waiting feels like a trimester. We were blessed with one and don’t feel like we can or want to afford IVF for a second child. Alexis has a 4 year-old daughter and spends a lot of time schmoozing with parents and young kids who want to connect Jewishly. Comments are moderated, so use your inside voices, keep your hands to yourself, and no, we're not interested in herbal supplements. I took a test the day before New Year’s Eve; in the event I was knocked-up, I didn’t want to spend the next day hung-over. I’m reading and re-reading suggestions online on how to get pregnant, like it’s a final exam I am studying for and hope I don’t fail.
I’m trying to get pregnant and it SUCKS!” Every time I turn around I feel like I see another gigantically pregnant woman waddling down the street, and all my friends are having second and third babies back to back.

Instead, I’ll employ every old wives tale and take any and all advice on how to be fruitful and multiply. She's happy with life in the Pacific Northwest and blogs from time to time about being a mom. I’ve got 10 most-likely to conceive days circled on my calendar, and I am also tracking my cycle with a set of fertility beads.
Though I am not particularly observant, or really believe in God for that matter, I am extraordinarily superstitious. One of my best friends was working on a reproductive health project for family planning in the Congo a few years ago and brought me back a cycle bead necklace. I just hope I’m not jinxing myself by the mere fact that I am sharing with the whole darn world that I’m trying to get pregnant. You start on the red bead the day you get your period, and then there are 6 brown, 12 white, and 13 brown beads. The primary intention of the beads is to serve as rhythm method contraception, but I’m using them for the opposite purpose.

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