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Kate Middleton Too Skinny to Get Pregnant With Baby #3 - Prince William Furious at Extreme Diet? Caitlyn Jenner Claims Kris Jenner Played Dress Up With Her When Married – Did Kris Keep Bruce in Closet?
Who Won The Bachelorette 2016 Spoilers: Jojo Fletcher Changes Her Mind, Reality Steve Wrong About Winner? Kate Middleton Too Skinny to Get Pregnant With Baby #3 – Prince William Furious at Extreme Diet?
Royal rumblings have swirled that not only is Kate Middleton pregnant, but is carrying twins.
Before her wedding to Prince William, Kate Middleton was a normal-sized slender young woman, but she shed major weight for her royal wedding and has continued to shrivel over time, particularly since the birth of Prince George and Princess Charlotte.
And now that the couple are reportedly hoping for a third royal bundle of joy, Kate’s extreme dieting may be interfering with her fertility. Once women drop down to a body fat level that low, hormones don’t work right and ovulation can be erratic.
Is Kate intentionally starving herself because she’s trying to become “the People’s Princess” like Diana? Lazy Katie has a long way to go if she wants to step out of the statuesque shadow of her dead mother-in-law. The Palace can always make excuses for Kate’s lack of public appearances when she’s pregnant or “devoting” herself to full-time parenting. Kate Middleton Marital Woes – Prince William Furious at Carole Middleton Christmas Plans, Demands Duchess Keep Royal Traditions? Prince William Defends Kate Middleton Lifestyle: Prince George and Princess Charlotte Priority Over Royal Duties? The photo I found of her, {not taken at Blenheim}, the rather fat one, I’ll re-locate it and let you know. Yes, the photo of Kate, wearing a low v-necked pastel dress, sitting at a table with a woman who has her blonde hair up in a messy bun.

Consume more alkaline foods such as milk, peas and bean sprouts since they increase the chances of getting pregnant. It is recommended that you consult your doctor before trying to conceive to check whether you have any medical issues. Many people believe that certain sexual position can increase the chance of getting pregnant.
The missionary position is the most commonly used position by people who are trying to conceive. However, you should also try other positions because the sexual positions are still not thoroughly researched by science.
This is one of the most important factors when it comes to conceiving because if you don`t plan your intercourse according to the biological processes, you may miss the chance of getting pregnant. Check your basal temperature with thermometer because it is one of the most effective methods of conceiving. During ovulation, the temperature is slightly increased which means that the chances of getting pregnant are high. Typically, the vagina is a non-friendly sperm environment and therefore many couples have troubles in conceiving. In this case, you should avoid fragrant tampons, douches, and vaginal sprays which make the vagina less friendly to sperm.
According to numerous studies, caffeine negatively affects the chances of conceiving in women, and the sperm mobility and count in men.
Avoid cigarettes, alcohol and any illegal medications since all these factors increase the risk of miscarriage and genetic abnormalities. Generally, overweight women have increased estrogen levels so their ovulation may be rarer and irregular.
If you are relaxed and dedicated to the act of making love, you will have higher chances of getting pregnant. But that talk turned out to be nothing more than idle chat and the truth may be far more tragic.

Prince William is reportedly unhappy with Kate’s low-calorie diet that has her weight at a reported low of less than 90 pounds. Plus, watching Kate Middleton waste away can’t be easy for Prince William since his mother Princess Diana’s weight plummeted when she was under stress. If so, she’s sadly off the mark because it wasn’t Princess Diana’s thin stature or striking fashion sense that brought her adoration.
There’s also the question of whether Kate Middleton is pondering another pregnancy as an excuse to avoid fulfilling her royal duties.
But if Kate Middleton can’t produce baby #3, she might have to get off her royal duff and do some work! Somehow, I have now downloaded the Pinterest app, of which I’m totally clueless (techno-retard) which has come up with a completely different set of photos before I installed it. If you still want to use them, consult your doctor about the best options that won`t damage the sperm. I remember being surprised at her size; not sure if it was muscle, but there was a lot of her, particularly around the thighs. Share your thoughts in the comments below and come back to CDL for all your Royal news, rumors and gossip! Same photos are still online and have very obviously been photo shopped to give her a slender appearance. Plenty of time to give her the flick and arrange a marriage of convenience with one of the European royals who could handle the bloody job.

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