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During pregnancy, it is quite common for women to experience a lot of physical and mental changes. Natural, assisted or unassisted, c-section… What does your birth experience mean for the strength and the look of your tummy and the condition of your core?
In the days and weeks after having your baby, your midsection and pelvic floor will probably be feeling tender, battered and bruised… to say the least.
You may be healing from stitches after tears or an episiotomy; you also may feel like your entire body is going to fall out if you sit on the loo. So now we’ve established how clever we all are, we can start trying to put ourselves back together.
The movement you’re aiming for is to draw your belly button down and back towards your spine at the same time as a deep lift of your pelvic floor. On the other hand, after a Cesarean section, you will experience numbness around your scar site, and so the visualization of ‘gently drawing belly button to spine’ may be unhelpful even though you may be able feel something stirring in your pelvic floor. Try this instead: imagine your abdomen as a clock, with your belly button at 12 o’clock, your pubic bone at 6 o’clock, and your hip bones as 3 and 6. I ain’t suggesting your information isn’t solid, however suppose you added something that makes people want more? What exercises will help reduce your belly after pregnancy and how soon can you start? TalkMum expert Wendy Powell shares her advice.

Your tummy will be looking like a slightly baggier version of its pregnant self and if you had a c-section, you will have a very tender scar area as well as reduced sensitivity. Don't underestimate the physiological trauma your body has undergone, and don't let anyone make you feel like you should get over it and get on with it any time soon.
These muscles are connected (literally) to the muscles of your pelvic floor, which you need to prevent you from wetting yourself or having a prolapse. You're not 'exercising', you're breathing and re-connecting your brain to your tummy and your pelvic floor. Practice as you sit in bed recovering, and as you feed your baby - just take long slow breaths in time with the muscle contractions.
Trying to ‘lift your pelvic floor’ (think of it more as a ‘lift’ than a squeeze) will likely produce no discernible feeling or movement at all. You also probably feel slightly like you’ve just been hit by a bus, totally ecstatic but at the same time you can’t stop crying. Giving birth, however you did it, was a strong, powerful, amazing feat and don’t let anybody (including you!) forget it!
And you need strong core muscles to help close a diastasis recti, or separation of your abdominal muscles. But if you're reading this and your stomach muscles can't remember last Tuesday, let alone how to synchronize with your pelvic floor, don't worry!

Over time your muscle strength will improve and you'll be well on the way to flattening that belly after pregnancy!
Sometimes, extreme hardness can lead to a lot of unnecessary mental stress for most pregnant women. There are some causes why pregnant women face stomach hardening in the second trimester (during the 21st week) of pregnancy. The main cause of hard belly during pregnancy is that the uterus starts to apply pressure on the abdomen and it tends to expand. Moreover, when the baby grows during the second trimester, the water volume in the stomach will increase. If the pain occurs in the third trimester, it is quite normal as this problem happens only when the uterine expands due to the growth of the baby. Even consuming soft drinks and other beverages can cause hardening and pain on the belly region.

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