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What Does Cervical Mucus Look Like After Ovulation?Knowing what your cervical mucus looks like after ovulation may help you get pregnant.By Dominique W. Cervical mucus is the fluid produced by your cervix in response to increased estrogen levels prior to ovulation.
Before ovulation, your cervix will produce more mucus—this mucus is sticky and white or cream in color. Your cervical mucus becomes friendlier to sperm right before ovulation and helps the sperm survive on the way to the cervix.
Some women never notice egg white cervical mucus, but this does not necessarily mean that you will have problems getting pregnant. You can observe your cervical mucus by checking your underwear or the tissue after you wipe yourself in the bathroom. Once you remove your finger, you should first look at the mucus and perform the finger test.

If you use the changes in your cervical mucus along with other factors like your basal body temperature, which is taken each morning, you can map out your cycle and better understand when you are most fertile. You can actually see this fluid because it enters into your vagina where you can collect it and examine it. If you perform the finger test on the mucus during this time, you will only be able to stretch the mucus for about one centimeter before it breaks.
The consistency changes from watery to more like raw egg whites; it is called egg white cervical mucus or EWCM. By checking your cervical mucus, you can determine where you are in your cycle and improve your chances of getting pregnant. This mucus is generally present for a couple days before ovulation, although some women may notice it for up to five days before ovulation.
However, if you do not seem to have much mucus or no watery mucus at all during your cycle, you should mention this to your physician.

You have to keep track of these changes in your mucus over several cycles to get a feel for how your body works. If you perform the finger test on this type of mucus, you will be able to stretch it for one inch or more. During this test, you try to stretch the mucus between your thumb and index finger; the differences in stretch can help you figure out what type of mucus is present.

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