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Being underweight can affect ovulation, so gaining a few pounds now may help you get pregnant. You don’t need us to tell you that drinking and smoking during pregnancy are big no-nos. Some prescription and over-the-counter medications are safe to take during pregnancy; some are not. See your doctor for a pre-pregnancy checkup and ask which vaccinations you should get before you conceive. For still others, the effects are unknown.You may need to switch to a different drug once you become pregnant, or you may have to stop altogether until the baby is born.

Poor dental hygiene increases your risk of bacterial infection, which can lead to premature birth and pre-eclampsia.So make sure your mouth is in good shape before you conceive. If you need to repaint a room or spruce up an old rocking chair, get started now (and did we mention, this is what husbands are for?). Bonus: High caffeine intake affects fertility, so cutting back now may make getting pregnant easier. Many doctors err on the side of caution and recommend holding off until the second trimester. X-rays are off limits during pregnancy too, so get them taken care of now and fix any problems they reveal.

Stay perfectly coiffed for as long as possible and colour consistently before conception so your tresses will look their best at least through the first three months.
Far-flung travel also gets a little more complicated when you're pregnant - and your doctor may ask you to hold off on the African safari.

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