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Let’s start with the good news! The Americans has been renewed for a fifth and sixth season! Pastor Tim stops by the Jennings’ house following his crazy trip to Ethiopia while his 8-month pregnant wife sat at home worrying about Russian spies. Stan tells Philip how Gaad went on a long vacation to Thailand with his wife and was killed. Elizabeth goes to Pastor Tim’s office and says everything is OK but we all know everything is most certainly not OK.
Stan meets with Oleg and casually mentions that there had been talk within the FBI of blackmailing him with Nina or his brother. Philip, in a new costume, joins Gabriel and another woman (the woman is played by Marceline Hugot who I best know as Gladys from season 1 of The Leftovers). Elizabeth makes a payphone call to the switchboard who in turn relays a message from Young-Hee. Paige wants to know if she’ll have to keep this ruse going with Pastor Tim and Alice forever and ever.
As they walk down the street, Paige casually mentions Matthew discussing the disappearance of “Martha the Spy.” Is Paige hinting that she wants to start working Matthew for information on Stan and the FBI? The Americans airs Wednesday nights on FX from 9:00 pm until whenever the say they’re done. Natalie Pinkham may be just days away from welcoming her second child, but that didn't stop her from getting glammed up for a charity fundraiser on Wednesday evening. The television presenter cradled her baby bump as she walked the red carpet in a black maxi gown from Seraphine paired with co-ordinating heels. The Princess looked equally glamorous for the event, which was also attended by Ronan Keating and his wife Storm, Katherine Jenkins and husband Andrew Levitas, as well as Jenson Button with his new girlfriend Brittny Ward. Announcing the happy news in January, Natalie admitted that she wasn't expecting to get pregnant again so soon following the birth of her son Wilf, who turned one in February. However she can't wait to become a mum again, and explained: "I am just loving being a mum.
June 2, 2016in Beauty0 CommentsWe all know there are many things we have to stay away from when pregnant, alcohol, different foods, caffeine etc.. Elizabeth stresses how scared they were when Alice threatened them but doesn’t specifically mention the tape.
They are at the Foster Medical Research Group to see Don Seong, who is most assuredly not expecting them. Elizabeth doesn’t exactly believe in all of this God stuff but she seems to buy that it makes others feel better. At this point, I’m surprised they haven’t pursued getting Pastor Tim assigned to another church, far away from Paige.

It’s another thing entirely to see your Mom take out two punks on the street and stab one in the throat with a knife, leaving him to die. The mum-to-be looked stunning as she attended the Hope and Homes 'End the Silence' fundraiser at Abbey Road Studios in London. Natalie stood to the side to show off her prominent bump, before joining Princess Eugenie for a photo.
The 37-year-old is set to welcome her second child with husband Owain Walbyoff any day now, and revealed exclusively to HELLO! The Formula One host also revealed that she had originally been expecting twins but sadly lost one of the babies. But what about the products you put on your face everyday and how can you look after your skin when pregnant? It’s rare for a show to be renewed for two seasons at a time but there must have been enough story remaining to necessitate such a landmark renewal. They talk around it with an implicit understanding but I have my doubts Pastor Tim is ready to destroy it. Stan goes over the list of his heartbreaks: Nina, Gaad, Amador, his wife leaving him, losing to Philip in racquetball. Don comes out to the lobby and a visibly angry Philip tells him that they’re Patty’s family. Pastor Tim stresses that believing in something can help you through the tough times when nothing else makes sense.
When the second man approaches Paige menacingly, Elizabeth snaps, throwing him to the ground and stabbing the first man in the neck with his own switchblade. Read on to find out!Do I Have To Change My Skincare Routine When Pregnant?We consistently get questions from pregnant women or women hoping to get pregnant about their skin as they want to know if they have to change the skincare products?
FX has always been incredibly supportive of Joe Weinberg’s team and this is a full vote of confidence in their story. They managed to keep the news a secret for an entire week as the story just broke on Memorial Day.
Paige may have assumed that her parents were involved with some shady enterprises but never to the point of killing anyone.
The fifth season will run the standard length of thirteen episodes and the final season will be a slightly abbreviated season at ten episodes.
I haven’t mentioned it before but Keri was pregnant during the entire filming schedule of The Americans this season.
He’s been told that Philip and Elizabeth are mere “Peace Keepers” but I’m sure he doesn’t believe that. We learn that Don is the Administrative Director of the facility and would likely have access to everything.

The following products should be avoided:Retinoids Retinol is raved as a miracle ingredient for anti ageing and collagen build up. With two episodes remaining season four, we now know there are only 25 hours of The Americans remaining.
It’s all been very subtle but they’ve employed all the old tricks to hide her pregnancy, such as sitting her behind desks, dressing her in black, or having her carry groceries.
Who will be the first to broach that uncomfortable subject or do they both hope everyone forgets?
Henry answers for Stan and tells Pastor Tim that Stan’s an FBI agent, which has to be pretty cool for Henry.
Philip takes this story up another couple of notches and tells Don that Patty killed herself.
When Philip gets home, he tells Elizabeth that they didn’t find the level 4 codes (duh) but that they did make a copy of all of computer discs. One misstep and their entire family has to go on the run and then they’ll all be wearing wigs. Unfortunately due to its strength it is not suitable for pregnant women, although there is no current evidence of negative effects it is advised by doctors to be avoided!
How do we know that Pastor Tim isn’t going to hook up two VCRs side-by-side and make a copy of the tape?
Philip relays this story to Elizabeth and then mentions that he first heard of Stan’s trip when they played racquetball a few weeks ago. It can be listed as a Retinoid, Retinol or Retin-A on some products.Hydroquinone Hydroquinone is most common in skin lightening treatments and occasionally some stronger acne treatments.
Will this finally be the season that The Americans gets the Emmy nomination for best drama? I’m hearing positive rumors! Hydroquinone is absorbed deep into the skin making it unsuitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.Salicylic Acid Salicylic Acid is the go to for anyone who has ever suffered with acne – unfortunately it is another no go for pregnancy!
Though the topical form that we tend to use is unlikely to cause problems it is still best to be safe and stay away particularly from products with a higher strength than those sold in chemists.Benzoyl PeroxideBenzoyl Peroxide is another common ingredient used against acne. Although there are conflicting thoughts about whether this product is safe or not for use it is best to talk to your doctor or OB GYN before using it.TetracyclineTetracycline is an antibiotic commonly used to kill bacteria to fight Acne. Many women suffer from acne during pregnancy but it is best to use more subtle, organic products with no active ingredients.  Also consult your doctor about what products to use on your body if you are concerned about stretch marks.If you are currently using the ZO Skin Health range please give us a call on +353 1 676 1074 or contact us online to see what products are still suitable to use!

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