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Hamitic is an historical term for the peoples supposedly descended from Noah’s son Ham, paralleling Semitic and Japhetic.
The term Hamitic originally referred to the peoples believed to have been descended from the biblical Ham, one of the Sons of Noah. During the Middle Ages, Europeans interpreted the story to define Ham as the ancestor of all Africans. The Bible restricts the curse to the offspring of Ham’s son Canaan, who occupied the Levant, not to his other sons who supposedly populated Africa.

Coming from the majority of European views so called Hamites where more like Europeans in features, which open up doors for Afrakans to join in the battle of self racism.
The curse was regularly interpreted as having created visible racial characteristics in Ham’s offspring, notably black skin. According to Edith Sanders, 18th-century theologians increasingly emphasised the narrow restriction and accurate interpretation of the passage as applying to Canaan’s offspring. However, since, unlike the Semitic branch, these have not been shown to form an exclusive (monophyletic) phylogenetic unit on their own, the term is obsolete in this sense.
Of Ham’s four sons, Canaan fathered the Canaanites, while Mizraim fathered the Egyptians, Cush the Cushites, and Phut the Libyans.

And not because of the color of the people,Afrakans have and always will be difference tones of brown. In the early twentieth century, theoretical models of Hamitic languages and of Hamitic races were intertwined.
Slave masters called there slaves Black(English),Negro(Spanish),Nigger(Latin), which all means the same thing.

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