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To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment telling me which book you’d like to own. By the way, your blog entries about your miscarriage and then finally conceiving were really nice to read. If you’re pregnant or have a new-born I highly recommend What to Expect When Expecting and What To Expect The First Year. How to Enter: Please wait as it may take 30 seconds or more for rafflecopter to load below. DISCLAIMER: THIS IS A SPONSORED GIVEAWAY, I WAS COMPENSATED WITH A COPY OF THREE WHAT TO EXPECT BOOKS IN EXCHANGE FOR A REVIEW. Lionsgate has confirmed that they will adapt the bestselling pregnancy bible What To Expect When You’re Expecting and intend to give it the Love Actually and Valentine’s Day treatment.
First of all, I'll admit to never having read it, as we chose adoption as a way to grow our family. I am a mom to a beautiful boy and girl who are the stars of this blog, and a little Pomeranian named Tinkerbell. It features 15 chapters from traveling with your toddler, taming tantrums, playing and making friends, picky eating and much more. I will then contact the winner and What To Expect, who will then require full name and information from the winner to coordinate the prize.

In other words, we’ll see a series of intertwining vingnettes with enough star wattage to blind most any moviegoer. However, if it's anything like What to Expect: The First Years, which I purchased (and then quickly deemed irrelevant to our situation), I can't quite wrap my mind around something like that being the basis of a movie. The contest will run for 1 full week, and the winner will be chosen on Tuesday December 13th! I LOVE being married to Captain Awesome, and here I share stories of my life as I learn how to be the best wife and mom I can be, and all my crazy thoughts along the way. In fact, they were generally the first place we’d check if there was anything that surprised or concerned us. We had lots of scary things thrown at us, from him having choroid plexus cysts, to down syndrome, to trisomy 18. Now on the 4th edition, it's often referred to as "The pregnancy Bible." Basically, What to Expect When You're Expecting covers just about anything and everything pregnancy.
Then again, creativity hasn't always been my forte, so maybe I'm not stretching my imagination in the right ways.
As a preschool teacher, I work with kids every day, planning developmentally appropriate activities based on children’s interests and needs supported by foundations in child development theory.
Here on my blog, I share crafts, play ideas, and reviews that help parents create a fun, creative and safe environment for their kids' growth and well-being.

How do you feel about "here's what should be happening during your pregnancy" or "this is what your baby should be doing" type books? I ask because I've encountered women who became a little too concerned about what should happen and when it should happen. Don't get me wrong, it's wise to educate yourself and to always have an idea of what is occurring with your pregnancy or your baby's development, why it's happening and any issues that should give you pause. So when I realized that What to Expect: The First Years wasn't applicable to our son's development (because he had spent so much time in an orphanage under less-than-optimal-care), I shelved the book and didn't touch it again.
At the same time, I recognize the need for parents to be aware of their baby's development (or their pregnancy progress) so that they can seek guidance or medical interventions when necessary. Often, parents (or women, in the case of pregnancy), notice when something is amiss well before a doctor does. Are you a referencer with a library of books or a figure-it-out-as-we-go (and Google when necessary) kind of girl?

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