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Pregnancy - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Pregnancy, also known as gravidity or gestation, is the time during which one or more offspring develops inside a woman. Pregnancy - parents, Learn about getting pregnant, signs of pregnancy, pregnancy stages, pregnancy complications, giving birth, and more. Nhs choices pregnancy and baby guide, All you need to know about pregnancy, birth and looking after a baby, including trying to get pregnant, foods to avoid, breastfeeding and bottle feeding.. Pregnancy expert advice for every stage - netmums, We have everything you need to know about your pregnancy.
Filter: All types Articles Slideshows Videos Sort: Most relevant Most popular Most recent No articles available No slideshows available No videos available Housekeeper job descriptions A List of Foods Low in Fiber How to make a homemade unicycle How high should a chin-up bar be placed? 12 March, 2013 By Tara Mathews 10 Comments Last month I spoke to Melbourne chef Matt Wilkinson about Meat Free Week, a campaign encouraging Australians to go without meat for a week this month. If you’re keen to get behind the cause and sponsor participants, two of my gal pals, Samantha and Melanie, are taking part and I’m sure they would gladly welcome any donations! I must admit I am not participating in meat free week, but I do love the awareness it creates. Awareness is so important, it would make such a difference if people just reduced their meat consumption.

I'm Tara Mathews, editor of food and travel blog vegeTARAian, sharing the adventures of a veg-loving life. He’s onto something there, it would be exciting to see more people taking on his Weekday Veg idea. I really should have done more for meat free week – although every week is meat free week for me! During this month, your baby will become more sensitive to light and sound, and you should be feeling strong movements by this point. My Mum is the Food Editor for New Idea mag and she did a spread for it ?Y™‚ I love your suggestions!
You will continue to gain about a pound a week, and by now you will be feeling the aches, pains and fatigue associated with late pregnancy.
A healthy lifestyle during your eighth month of pregnancy can help relieve some of these complaints, and is important to delivering a healthy baby. Extra fruits and vegetables can reduce constipation and reduce your chances of developing haemorrhoids.
Remember to take your prenatal vitamin, and follow the dietary guidelines set by your doctor.

About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow. All of these exercises can relieve aches and pains and help your baby to position correctly for delivery.
Avoid actions that require you to move quickly, jump up and down, lie flat on your back or make you feel uncomfortable.
If you are experiencing contractions, even if you think they are Braxton-Hicks, more than four times and hour, if you notice any bleeding, swelling or if something just feels off, call your doctor or head to the nearest emergency room.
Even if you are not doing actual kick counts, you should still be aware of how often your baby moves.
If you stop feeling movement, or if the movements are happening a lot less frequently than normal, call your doctor or head to the closest hospital.

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