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Carnival – The carnival is back in town this weekend at Sunland Park Mall, 750 Sunland Park Dr.
Hellyeah — Heavy metal rockers perform at Socorro Entertainment Center, 11200 Santos Sanches.
Downtown El Paso Ghost Tour –Walk the streets of haunted downtown El Paso, and hear stories of betrayal, unique symbolism of buildings, and see the deadliest intersection of the Old West. Friday at the Fire – Freedom Crossing hosts the weekly live entertainment at the outdoor fireplace. 2015 USBC Open Championships — National bowling championships at the El Paso Convention Center, One Civic Center Plaza, hosted by the U.S.
Sunland Park Horse Racing — It’s horse racing season at Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino in Sunland Park, New Mexico!
Twelfth Night — William Shakespeare comedy directed by Matthew Robert Smith at EPCC Transmountain Theater, 9570 Gateway North. Downtown El Paso Artist & Farmers Market – Arts, crafts, live music, and locally grown produce at this family friendly, outdoor environment.
Horizon Wine Festival — The inaugural event will feature 70+ wines from New Mexico and around the world.
Red NOT Chili Peppers — Red Hot Chili Tribute Show at Speaking Rock Entertainment Center, 122 S. Carnival — The carnival is back in town this weekend at Sunland Park Mall, 750 Sunland Park Dr. EP Music Fest — Local bands, food and drink vendors, rock climbing, ice skating at the El Paso County Coliseum Pavilion, 4100 Paisano. Rollerderby — Las Diablas and the Sexecutioners battle it out at the El Paso County Coliseum, 4100 E.
However, there are some things which we shouldn’t feel guilty about – things that are so out of our control, so not in our hands, that we should just shrug them off and move on.
Hi, my name is Evelyn and I was once in a relationship with a man who recently came out as gay to his friends and family. But then I realised: While that man hadn’t been a part of my life for years, what he did still had an effect on me. Memories lie – Yes, that man couldn’t get enough of me, but mostly when others were around.
It’s not about you – When someone finds the courage to come out, even if he or she is your ex, don’t make it about you.

Let it go – Oh, Frozen, I never knew that horrid song my son kept forcing me to listen to would actually come back to haunt me.
Spectacular nautical events at the Grand Harbour, marking Valletta’s 450th anniversary.
Warnings signs that your child is being bulliedIf your child is bullied it means that a peer or peers are intentionally causing her or him pain. But the fact is 160,000 children skip school every day because they fear being attacked or intimidated by other students. Repeated bullying causes severe emotional harm and can erode a childa€™s self-esteem and mental health. If you suspect bullying and your child wona€™t talk to you, then arrange a conference with a trusted adult who knows your child. Hint: If your child has a classmate, you might be able to gain more information from the pal than your own child. Stress to your child you are always available, are concerned and recognize bullying may be a problem. Please seek the help of a trained mental health professional if the signs continue, intensify, or your gut instinct tells you a€?something is not right with my child!a€? Please! The carnival is in town, plus free movies, live music, wine festivals and plenty of theater performances.
Fridays — The free downtown music series returns at the El Paso Convention Center Plaza, 1 Civic Center Plaza.
Featuring 300-yard swim, 18 mile bike, 3-mile run OR 300-yard swim, 9.3 mile bike, 2 mile run.
And, if at any point in your life your ex does come out as gay, then that’s one of the times when you should definitely use this advice. Yes, he was good in bed, but there was always a bit of distance between us once we were done.
No matter how terrible, hateful or spiteful I could have been, I could have never changed it.
Reports also confirm that bullying is starting at younger ages and is more frequent and aggressive than before.
Ia€™ve spent many a meeting with kids who were repeatedly victimized and in clear emotional pain. Whether bullying is verbal, physical or relational, the long-term effects are equally harmful.

Bullying is always intentional, mean-spirited, rarely happens only once and there is always a power imbalance.
Of course, these signs could indicate other problems, but any of these warrant looking into further. Children who are embarrassed or humiliated about being bullied are unlikely to discuss it with their parents or teachers and generally suffer in silence, withdraw and try to stay away from school. Samples, rafles,Equine Services Expo and Lower Valley Horseman’s Association Jackpot Ranch Sorting. Teams of 2, 3 or 4 women compete against others in three categories; mother, daughter, family, girlfriends. No, it’s not because I’m homophobic or because I think he’s taking the piss, but because this man used to worship me the same way most of us worship coffee. Both boys and girls report high levels of emotional distress and loneliness as well as lower self-esteem, loneliness, anxiety and depression. Keep in mind that bullying usually does not happen in all school settings and in all classrooms.
I don’t like the fact that he didn’t tell me but, years later, I understand why he couldn’t. Your child may not feel comfortable telling you about his pain, but if you know these signs your child is being bullied and tune in closer, you might be able to start bullying prevention in your home.
Every child is different and any child can have an a€?offa€? day, so look instead of a pattern of behavior that is not typical for your child.1. The trick is to figure out if your child is bullied and then where and when it is happening so you can get the right help for your child. At the age of 26, I was having make-out sessions that pretty much put those of teenage lovers to shame – and in public! Clothes, toys, books, electronic items are damaged or missing or child reports mysteriously a€?losinga€? possessions4. Physical complaints; headaches, stomachaches, frequent visits the school nursea€™s office11.

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