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Are you frustrated, or feeling angry for not being able to conceive despite all your efforts? Identify the chronic “askers.” I have one friend in particular who keeps asking how my marriage is affected by infertility, what the results of my last fertility test was, and what my next step will be.
She means well, she’s a nice woman, and her kids are the center of her life so she’s coming from the “to be fulfilled, women must have babies” perspective. But, all she asks me about are test results, marriage and infertility, getting pregnant – and it’s beginning to make me nuts!

I suggest telling people that you’d feel most comfortable if you could update them when you have news, and gently ask them to hold their questions about getting pregnant until you bring it up.3. Your friends, family, and colleagues don’t know how you want to cope with infertility unless you tell them. Do you need a shoulder to cry on, a bright optimistic outlook, or as much infertility information as possible?
Don’t expect them to guess what you need, and then be angry or frustrated if they don’t do the right them. I’ve found that this blog helps me deal with the possibility of a childfree life…if you want to be happy, then you need to figure out how much time and effort you need to spend talking about getting pregnant, and how much energy you want to put towards living your best life apart from having kids.
It may be that our friends and family just don’t know how difficult it is when they keep asking.

I just told her that, from now on, my husband and I are going to handle the situation ourselves without involving anyone else.
It’s something we will (hopefully) achieve one day and others just happen to have achieved earlier. I wish you the best and I hope God will listen to what your heart desires,AliSo glad you're here!

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