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What do you do when kids say I'm bored?  That phrase--I'm bored--was one of those pet peeves I had while teaching.  I didn't like to hear it from students. Still, I knew I needed to look at what was behind the comment to be sure to understand its meaning. Students that announce this and fly through their lessons accurately may need more challenging material.  Other students may use it as an avoidance for work that is much too difficult.
Parents can find the comment unsettling too. During the course of the summer, they may find themselves straining their patience to come up with a pleasant retort. A recent Wall Street Journal article offered more insights on boredom with new research showing that "kids who complain of boredom aren't necessarily lazy or slacking off, but are actually in a tense, negative state."  They may be unable to focus their attention or are unsure of how to begin a satisfying activity.
Tell a Story- make up your own story about a character or after painting a picture, tell a story about it to some one.

Although my children don't say "I'm bored," they do act like it.  They are typical of their age group as the Wall Street Journal article proves, "Kids left to their own devices often default to videogames. Babysit - busy parents would love an added pair of hands or an hour or two of downtime and little ones looks up to tweens and teens. Visit a Museum- Chicagoland is full of amazing museums - large and small, with a wide variety of topics- enough said.
Practice a Skill- whether it is shooting hoops, skateboarding, gymnastics, crafting, sewing or a musical instrument- improve upon or practice something you already know how to do.
If these ideas aren't enough, Families On-Line Magazine has 50 more things for teens to do this summer.
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My son really likes a site called Vsauce  a channel dedicated to scientific topics, gaming, and technology. I also found these questions for teens to think about very interesting from the Parenting Teenagers Academy.

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