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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Recently, a more holistic approach has been discovered by a noted Chinese Medicine Researcher, Health Consultant, and former infertility sufferer. The key to this is the system’s ability to allow a woman to get pregnant, while synergistically reversing infertility. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. In a Lost Galaxy episode, Leo tried to score a date with a girl but had to deal with her motorcycle-riding brother.
Also from Jungle Fury, villainess Jellica (whose underbust noticeably did not get past the US radar) commenting on Jarrod's "power and technique" as her gaze lowers to his crotch level. Don't forget the infamous episode of Turbo in which the Rangers are baked into a giant pizza. Wild Force had main character Cole's parents murdered by the Big Bad prior to the first episode.
Ninja Storm had an episode open with Shane and Dustin ogling a computer with lines like "what a babe" and "check out the lines on her".

The last episode of Mighty Morphin' Season 1 contains a monster that looks very phallic and shoots pink goo. The Mighty Morphin' Season 3 episode "Follow That Cab!" has Tommy saying he's glad he can make Kim scream. In one of the early Psycho ranger appearances Ashley has an obvious panty shot that the censors apparently missed. Interestingly enough, her undershorts were actually yellow, corresponding to her Ranger colour. Power Rangers Time Force crosses this with Unfortunate Implications: The heroes of the series are from a eugenic utopia, and the bad guys are the rejects. It's not just implications: being treated the way they were is why the mutants turned against humanity. In Power Rangers Samurai, when Mia and Emily pose as brides, a close-up◊ of the wedding registry shows that one of the couples due to get married that day had the respective last names of Beaver and Wetter.
In the Ninja Storm episode "Nowhere to Grow," the plant monster moans in a seductive voice, and in the voice tells her little plants to "Grow baby grow," among other seductive one-liners. In the Megaforce episode "Man and Machine", the Monster of the Week likes to go out in sunny weather because that's when he can steal and eat the shadows of people, freezing them in place.

In the premiere episode of Dino Charge, Tyler pulls out things from his backpack to use as weapons to fend off the Monster of the Week.
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Fox Kid's censors would only let Cole's parents be murdered because the producers lied that the show would later reveal that Cole's parents were alive and were merely a brainwashed Jindrax and Toxica, knowing full well that the show was moving to ABC Family in the second half and Disney didn't watch the first half and wouldn't know about that scene. Originally they were going to make a reference to "those stories [about Jason and Tommy] on the Internet".
According to Olson, the best way to get pregnant is by undergoing healing without any risk of side effects.

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