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Its a problem cause you really cant do anything about them I'd love to start pegging them off with a .22 or pellet gun and put them directly onto my BBQ but I think my 7 year old would move out, cause they are just so damn cute. Maybe shoot the idiots who buy these for pets in April and dump them in your area in the fall. Head over to the Calgary Zoo, get some lion or tiger manure, they must sell it or give it away.
Contact those fellows from the other thread, the one about the motion activated bug killing lazers (To lazy to find it for link).
Put a fake owl on your roof at the front of your house, it should deter them from hanging around. Might be easier than getting a license for a pet wolf, or trying to borrow coyotes from my area.
As for your problem, if you have jackrabbits there won't be many of them as they're pretty territorial.

Shotgun -- less chance of missing the bouncy, little, disease carrying, rat lookin little vermin. These are not jack rabbits and they are not domestic rabbits, they are hares, change to white in the winter, brown in summer. Apparently rabbits can't stand the smell but I don't know how effective it will be outside. Of course, we're also home to all the fucking liberal hippies in western Canada, so we're not allowed to kill the buggers. I find rabbits are attracted to unfenced yards (even if you just have no gate) as well certain flowers and trees attract them (they eat the bark). This is a car forums archive, to participate in daily discussions on cars, visit our forums website and register today!
Anyone have any ideas on how to get rabbits to stop pooing all over my lawn, without harming them?

I wonder if it is because our grass is grown by seeds manually (cheap asian parents) vs his which is laid out sod. Then yesterday morning I figured it out when I walked to the kitchen door to let my dog out, and looked at a coyote digging for berries in my back yard, with another one sniffing around my bbq. There was at least 4 of them that I could see, and they were trying to bait my dog out of the yard.

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