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I used to go through the same routine every time i had a week off work,not shave,begin growing and then shave it all off the night before i went back. Your beard is comming along nicely, just keep the neck line tidy and cheek line too if you have decided to trim one. Well I've resisted the temptation to trim apart from the neckline and a few patches on my cheek.
New members, check out Frequently Asked Questions and Rules of Beard Acquisition.To upload and post pictures, check step-by-step instructions.
Trembott,Welcome to the Beard Board and thanks for making your first post on the Facial Hair Help forum with photo updates.You have excellent beard growing potential. Beard is coming along very well, Trembott, and yes, I do think that you need to adjust the neckline a bit.
As the weeks progress you might want to consider a cheek line too, just to clean up the top edge of the beard.

If the natural part bothers you, you can always try to comb your mustache to get it trained to point more downward.
Looks like you have great potential but of course it's hard to evaluate after just one week. I find it funny that I have dark brown hair and my brother has blonde hair, yet we both have some red in our facial hair.I am 23 living in Boise, ID. I had to trim a neckline because of my job, otherwise I would have waited  What do you think of the growth pattern and the neckline? You have drawn a straight line across your neck, a common mistake for first timers, but the human anatomy is based on curved rather than straight lines, and making the neckline follow the curve of your jawbone will give your beard a better fit to your face.
I brought the lines on my sideburns in but only because I kind of messed up while trimming and had a little freak out lol.
Then you can choose how long you want to maintain the beard length.How old are you and where are you from?

I graduated from Boise State this year and am going on to Physician Assistant school pretty soon.Thanks for all the responses! It looks like the area around the "bars" of my mustache are a little bit thin, as well as the area under my lower lip.
Check out my post in the FAQ section at the top of this forum and you will find an example of what I mean. I know these areas will probably fill in but I feel like they look weird.So what do you guys think?

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