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Last month when I kicked off a new regular feature here on the blog called Reader of the Month, I had no idea it would be so well-received! I don’t remember when Letty started reading my blog, but she’s been involved in nearly every one of my 30-Day Room Makeover Challenges! I asked Letty to tell us about her love of thrift, some of her great finds, and her tips for selling vintage things on Etsy. My first apartment in Colorado was entirely furnished in garage sale finds – a table and chairs, artwork, sewing machine, you name it.
Later, when I was raising my three children as a single parent, hand-me-downs and outlets were my best friends. I’ve always struggled with finding the commitment (and platform!) for selling the vintage things I find at the thrift store. That’s a huge accomplishment because I know how much time it takes to find the perfect items to sell, take pictures, and list them! I was so inspired by Letty’s Etsy shop that I asked her to come back later to do a guest post on how to get started selling on Etsy. I tried offering Letty one of my Thrift Diving tees for being featured this month, but she already ordered one last year! I keep meaning to order mine, and I have never sold them on the blog, so she will be the first to own a Thrift Diving tote (you can order one here for $15). I really appreciate readers like Letty who have been a part of this community and who have supported my projects and our 30-Day Makeover Challenges (heads up–we have a BIG Outdoor Overall Patio Makeover Challenge starting in July! We recently redid a sturdy 6 drawer dresser into tv stand, not original certainly but wanted to attempt it ourselves. If I actually got onto Etsy, instead of writing notes to get onto Etsy, I’d be a rich woman. Natalie Pinkham may be just days away from welcoming her second child, but that didn't stop her from getting glammed up for a charity fundraiser on Wednesday evening. Let’s start with the good news! The Americans has been renewed for a fifth and sixth season! Pastor Tim stops by the Jennings’ house following his crazy trip to Ethiopia while his 8-month pregnant wife sat at home worrying about Russian spies.
Stan tells Philip how Gaad went on a long vacation to Thailand with his wife and was killed.
Elizabeth goes to Pastor Tim’s office and says everything is OK but we all know everything is most certainly not OK. Stan meets with Oleg and casually mentions that there had been talk within the FBI of blackmailing him with Nina or his brother. Philip, in a new costume, joins Gabriel and another woman (the woman is played by Marceline Hugot who I best know as Gladys from season 1 of The Leftovers). Elizabeth makes a payphone call to the switchboard who in turn relays a message from Young-Hee. Paige wants to know if she’ll have to keep this ruse going with Pastor Tim and Alice forever and ever. As they walk down the street, Paige casually mentions Matthew discussing the disappearance of “Martha the Spy.” Is Paige hinting that she wants to start working Matthew for information on Stan and the FBI? The Americans airs Wednesday nights on FX from 9:00 pm until whenever the say they’re done. This Genius Sun Lightening Spray Delivers Damage-Free Highlights--No Trip To The Salon Required!
Bethanie Alys may have been only 20 years old, but she harboured ambitions of becoming a teacher before settling down to start a family of her own.Fast forward a year, however, and she is mother to a four-month-old. The trial - published in the European Journal of Contraception and Reproductive Health Care - discovered that just five women in every 1,000 experience an accidental pregnancy within a year of using the Natural Cycles app, compared to three in every 1,000 who will get pregnant in 12 months when using the Pill.With no hormones to ingest and minimal expense, it is easy to see the appeal of an app. Bethanie, pictured with partner James, was working as a languages teacher in Spain when she started using the app. Lucy Phenix, 31, a bank cashier from Willesdon, Cheshire, is six months pregnant, having also conceived while using an app as contraceptionHowever, last April, Bethanie experienced stomach cramps. Lucy, who is already mother toA Preston, three, and Prudence, 22 months, says she and husband Richard had only planned to have two children. Sara says she was sceptical at first but did not want to go back onA the contraceptive Pill. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. James Shields Trade Rumors: Chicago White Sox Make Significant Offer, Deal In Place With Padres?
Kylie Jenner is not a happy camper when it comes to life in the Keeping Up With The Kardashians clan. Amid speculation that Kylie might quit Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the 18-year-old was irate when she discovered that Rob and Blac have an upcoming KUWTK spin-off, Rob & Chyna. But it seems that Kylie has suffered the most, because while she was struggling to get over Tyga, Kris was making the deal for her son and his girlfriend. As for Williams’ technique, she tapped into her inner yogi to help curb the weight gain while she was pregnant, which meant she had less to lose after Gus was born. Today Host Savannah Guthrie Reveals on She's Expecting Second Child at Age 44 – Watch Her Daughter's Reaction! Haven't been BDing too often and only did twice this whole month so I wasn't that hopeful, but AF is a bit late so I tested today and got this.

I love to experiment, I don’t give up easily, I always see beyond what others can see, I see the potential in every piece. Kids grow so fast – without the kindness of friends and neighbors, I don’t know how I would have managed. If you actually made it to the bottom of this post to read this, it means you're really enjoy my blog. The market here, Grand Junction, CO (we live few miles west of GJ), has not been so good when we’ve been in a craft show. Well, the first thing is that you are blessed to have a hubby who’s on board with your refinishing furniture and stuff! I always read your blog and enjoy it thoroughly–I just read it when my mom and granddaughter are napping. The mum-to-be looked stunning as she attended the Hope and Homes 'End the Silence' fundraiser at Abbey Road Studios in London.The television presenter cradled her baby bump as she walked the red carpet in a black maxi gown and co-ordinating heels. Elizabeth stresses how scared they were when Alice threatened them but doesn’t specifically mention the tape. They are at the Foster Medical Research Group to see Don Seong, who is most assuredly not expecting them. Elizabeth doesn’t exactly believe in all of this God stuff but she seems to buy that it makes others feel better. At this point, I’m surprised they haven’t pursued getting Pastor Tim assigned to another church, far away from Paige. It’s another thing entirely to see your Mom take out two punks on the street and stab one in the throat with a knife, leaving him to die. Then you will definitely need some go-to comfy jeans like the ones Heidi Klum wore when she arrived at JFK last week.
Her career aspirations are in tatters and her sentences stilted through sleep deprivation.The cause of her derailment? But she says she felt let down when she found out she was pregnantA Bethanie, 21, delights in baby son Lake but his conception was certainly a shock.
This was as the contraceptive Pill had left her moody and prone to weight gainMore advanced apps also require users to enter their daily basal body temperature (BBT) - your temperature immediately on waking. She chose a free appA that catalogued her cycle by the dates of her periodDespite the hardship of her surprise pregnancy, her relationship with James has strengthened, and the pair hope to marry next year. Irate when she learned that her brother Rob Kardashian, 29, and frenemy Blac Chyna, 28, have landed their own reality TV show, Kylie feels that her momager Kris Jenner betrayed her, an insider told Radar Online. I remember a fur jacket I picked up at a vintage clothing store that I had to sew back together before I could wear it!
Still want to spiff it up little more but we’ve been using it for couple months now and hubs loves it.
Most men that I hear of don’t like it or can never understand why women paint furniture. Just take pics of stuff in the outdoors because the natural light makes any picture look better! It’s rare for a show to be renewed for two seasons at a time but there must have been enough story remaining to necessitate such a landmark renewal. They talk around it with an implicit understanding but I have my doubts Pastor Tim is ready to destroy it. Stan goes over the list of his heartbreaks: Nina, Gaad, Amador, his wife leaving him, losing to Philip in racquetball. Don comes out to the lobby and a visibly angry Philip tells him that they’re Patty’s family.
Pastor Tim stresses that believing in something can help you through the tough times when nothing else makes sense. When the second man approaches Paige menacingly, Elizabeth snaps, throwing him to the ground and stabbing the first man in the neck with his own switchblade.
Her Citizens of Humanity Racer Skinny Jeans ($248) are crazy comfortable and they’ll look great with an oversized knit sweater and some flat boots.
A a€?fertility appa€™ she installed on her smartphone to avoid getting pregnant during a fledgling relationship. LOL (But hey I’m not complaining because I know it is worth it!)Having people around me who appreciate what I do is soooo rewarding.
If I can inspire just one person through my passion and energy for DIY, then I'm fulfilling my life's purpose.
And talk about all the talent out there, just amazes me, it’s truly so incredible to me.
I don’t have a craft room, so the next option for me would be to have a storage cabinet to centralize my small projects and supplies. I would really like this blog to be something that people value and learn from, so if I can feature other people that have different experiences and such, then it’s a joy for me to do! Organization really cuts down on duplication and saves $ for the oh so very important thrift purchases. The 37-year-old is set to welcome her second child with husband Owain Walbyoff any day now, and revealed exclusively to HELLO!
FX has always been incredibly supportive of Joe Weinberg’s team and this is a full vote of confidence in their story.
They managed to keep the news a secret for an entire week as the story just broke on Memorial Day.

Paige may have assumed that her parents were involved with some shady enterprises but never to the point of killing anyone.
She downloaded a version called Period Diary, for 66p and bought a thermometer to test her BBT.Her app marked the predicted date of ovulation on a calendar with a star, and the four days on either side of that date were coloured green, to signal she could get pregnant.
The mother to Preston, three, and Prudence, 22 months, is overwhelmed by the prospect of a third baby. Users of the app also enter the results of an ovulation test which detect levels of a luteinising hormone present in urine prior to ovulation. Everyone has such great ideas and I love that you are the medium for sharing and introducing us to even bigger worlds that we can imagine! The fifth season will run the standard length of thirteen episodes and the final season will be a slightly abbreviated season at ten episodes.
I haven’t mentioned it before but Keri was pregnant during the entire filming schedule of The Americans this season. He’s been told that Philip and Elizabeth are mere “Peace Keepers” but I’m sure he doesn’t believe that.
We learn that Don is the Administrative Director of the facility and would likely have access to everything. By pinpointing the date of ovulation - when an egg is released from the ovary - it identifies the timeframe of around six days every month when sperm can fertilise the egg.When she starts using an app, a woman enters the date her period begins into a calendar. The complications that resulted when the Kardashian and Jenner family learned that Kylie’s brother was dating Blac were exacerbated when they discovered that the Instagram model was pregnant.
As for selling, if people don’t like the distressed look, why not see if you can give them the stuff they like? Having an Etsy store isn’t my thing, but you can bet I’ll be checking out other folks! The Formula One host also revealed that she had originally been expecting twins but sadly lost one of the babies.The television presenter is expecting her second child in June"I can't believe that so soon after having Wilf I am pregnant again!" the 37-year-old sports presenter tells HELLO!.
With two episodes remaining season four, we now know there are only 25 hours of The Americans remaining.
It’s all been very subtle but they’ve employed all the old tricks to hide her pregnancy, such as sitting her behind desks, dressing her in black, or having her carry groceries.
Who will be the first to broach that uncomfortable subject or do they both hope everyone forgets?
Henry answers for Stan and tells Pastor Tim that Stan’s an FBI agent, which has to be pretty cool for Henry. Philip takes this story up another couple of notches and tells Don that Patty killed herself. When Philip gets home, he tells Elizabeth that they didn’t find the level 4 codes (duh) but that they did make a copy of all of computer discs.
One misstep and their entire family has to go on the run and then they’ll all be wearing wigs. Ovulation typically occurs 12-14 days afterwards and the idea is that after a few months of monitoring a pattern will emerge.
Although it can be upgraded to a version that tracks BBT for A?30 a year, Lucy chose the free basic model that catalogued her cycle by the dates of her period. It would be a 2-day DIY summit where the whole weekend would be packed full of tutorials, hands-on classes, and everything you’d need to get you on your way with DIY! How do we know that Pastor Tim isn’t going to hook up two VCRs side-by-side and make a copy of the tape? Philip relays this story to Elizabeth and then mentions that he first heard of Stan’s trip when they played racquetball a few weeks ago. She took a job as a retail assistant and she and James, who is joining the Army after he graduates, rented a one-bedroom flat.
Why not try tung oil or just sprucing up the natural stuff and see if you can sell some pieces that way.
Some day, Serena, when you’re rich and famous (right?), you’ll have to host a DIY convention for all your readers! I always wanted a little brother or sister for Wilf, but didn’t expect to get pregnant so quickly! Will this finally be the season that The Americans gets the Emmy nomination for best drama? I’m hearing positive rumors!
Or if people like modern furniture, try to get more of that, and maybe do some other colors, like bright shiny pieces. I only did the pregnancy test to rule it out because I honestly thought…this can't be why I'm feeling a bit funny! I hope you will check it out, and I encourage anyone that is thinking about opening a shop to do so!
When I saw it was positive, I nearly fell off my chair!"However she can't wait to become a mum again, and explained: "I am just loving being a mum.

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