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Today's Jewish Motherhood Project mommy lives in America, was married at 26, and had her first baby at 28.
We waited until the end of the first trimester, but we told our parents as soon as we saw the heartbeat.
I induced on a Monday for my first pregnancy and was still in work on Friday, just three days before.
In the days and weeks leading up to the birth, what do you remember experiencing or feeling? Other than my own silent prayer when lighting Shabbat candles, I only turned to Judaism when things started to go terribly wrong. My first two even weighed within one ounce of one another (the third was about 5 ounces less). Chavi's commentary: I couldn't agree more about the obsessively reading pregnancy books bit. But old habits die hard, and my darling English husband is willing to indulge those of us who jones for the classics. I anticipate Shabbat lunch being quite the low-key affair (some kind of salmon dish and lots of salads). When I decided to make aliyah (move to Israel) mid-summer 2012, I was happily, dually employed, able to pay my bills and put a bit away at the same time. With cheesy comics that aren't really funny, Labinsky walks the reader through how to use the book (it isn't one of those cover-to-cover reads, unless that's your style), how to understand taxes (which, let's be honest change constantly in Israel, so it's a moving target), how to plan for retirement, how to look at your assets, whether your savings will last, and so on.
Although the book would have been a lot more helpful before I came on aliyah and lost both of my cushy jobs (oh why didn't I plan financially?), there are plenty of helpful anecdotes, like how negotiating at the bank is incredibly important.
There's a lot of really powerful, conversational advice in the book that I know will guide plenty of potential olim on their financial journey into Israel. Note: I received this book for review purposes, but my reviews remain honest, unbiased, and from the heart! We schlepped around Ben Yehuda, Agrippas, and through Nachlaot in the chilly Jerusalem air, the both of us sniffling along the way.
After everything that has happened over the past month -- the ups, the downs, the twists and turns -- I can't say I would have wanted any other way. Something I've been thinking about over the expanse of this pregnancy is what happens after the pregnancy. Now, I'm not about to get personal on you here, but this is a topic that a lot of women in the religious Jewish community have to deal with, and I think it would be nice to have a quick, concise understanding of what happens once baby arrives.
When a woman isn't pregnant or breastfeeding and her menstrual cycle is functioning as normal as one does, she goes through the ebb and flow of being a niddah. A woman is considered niddah after her menstrual cycle ends and she experiences seven clean days without bleeding and when the total of bleeding + clean days adds up to at least 12 days. Once the clean days have finished, a woman goes to mikvah (the ritual bath as its known) and dunks, and is once again back to normal life with her husband. In the final stages of labor, a woman becomes a yoledet, which puts her in the same category as niddah.
I'm struggling a little bit with this concept, especially because (in my mind) after you give birth or in those final moments you want your partner's hand to squeeze and a kiss after going through the crazy ordeal of bringing a miniature human into the world, but it's all hand's off because of niddah.
This might be one of the reasons that doulas are a popular addition to the Jewish birthing process, me thinks.
Bar and bat mitzvah kids usually have to do a chesed project leading up to their big day, and many do great things like fundraising for wildfire victims or those suffering from the damages caused by hurricanes and flooding the world over. What we learn from this is that beyond the obvious necessity of living a Torah life, there are two things we need: service of G-d and chesed, which relates to our fellow man. Although I like her approach to taking away a lesson on chesed from the weekly portion, I have to gripe that Saltsman lays out a plan to keep a chesed chart, so you can keep tabs on all of the awesomely wonderful things you've done for your fellow man. EDIT: Okay, so after more days of digging through this portion I noticed something else that sort of throws a wrench in my "food specific" issue. I've been reading with astonishing regularity Parshat Ha'man -- the portion of the Torah in Exodus in which HaShem hears the people kvetching and gives them manna to keep them fed during the 40 years in the desert. In this case, the segula for parnassah (or livelihood) is to say Parshat Ha'man every day for forty days (except on Shabbat).
So I've been reading the portion about manna, and with every day I read new questions arise. The basic summary of the portion is that the people are kvetching about their situation in the wilderness, so HaShem says he'll provide them with quail in the evening and bread (lechem) in the morning to eat. My biggest beef with the portion so far has been in understanding the food -- there's quail, there's lechem (bread), and there's the man. If you want to participate in The Jewish Motherhood Project, the Q&A are at your fingertips! Chavi's commentary: I'm a big believer in trusting your instincts, too, and I think it's one thing that new moms are the most scared of. Also: I haven't had many people respond with advice from dad to other dads, so I might have to sit Mr. LOUIS (AP) -- San Francisco Giants outfielder Hunter Pence will undergo surgery for a right hamstring injury and is likely to be out eight weeks. Angel Pagan also has a hamstring injury, so the Giants are left with Jarrett Parker and Gregor Blanco flanking center fielder Denard Span. The Braves rallied to tie the game in the ninth and then won it in the 11th thanks to a walkoff home run by Freddie Freeman. It also brought a blown save for Santiago Casilla and a 5-4 loss to the Braves on Freddie Freeman's homer off Derek Law in the 11th inning. Adrian Gonzalez and Yasiel Puig are out of the Dodgers ' lineup on Wednesday night against the Cubs , the third game of a four-game series at Wrigley Field. Probably many people know the dangers of smoking, but are not quitting this habit, because they choose more to enjoy in cigarettes, rather than worry about their health.
In 8 hours the level of carbon monoxide (a poisonous gas) in your bloodstream will be cut by half, and oxygen levels will return to normal. In two weeks blood circulation will increase and will continue to improve over the next 10 weeks. In 3-9 months, coughing, difficult breathing and general respiratory problems will decrease as a result of increasing the capacity of your lungs by 10%.
In 15 years you will have an equal risk of suffering a heart attack as well as any non-smoker. Let me put a little perspective on this smoking issue for those of you that think smoking makes someone a bad person, or that smokers don’t care about their health, or many of the other horrible things that people say about people that smoke.
The problem is that my adolescent brain developed with nicotine (and all the other chemicals in tobacco products).
I’ll give quitting a go again some day, but my most recent attempt back in June was a completely horrible experience and if you ask my family they will say the same. To all of those non-smokers that have a bunch of judgmental crap to spew, suck a big fat one, because you have absolutely no clue.
I find the information provided in this article interesting; the ways in which your health improves after stopping smoking.
I quit 27 years ago because my daughters Doctor told me that they stunk of smoke, their hair and clothes and I felt so guilty that I threw my pack in the trash and never smoked again. A pregnant woman having periods during pregnancy is a serious issue which should not be neglected.
A woman may experience once off bleeding, others tend to bleed throughout their pregnancy, but it is essential to consult a doctor, find out what caused the contraction and what you need to do after that.
The blood released can either look like fresh blood, (one that comes out of a cut on your hand) or like a pink stained mucous material. Women may experience a period like feeling during their 4th, 8th or 12th week of being pregnant like having body cramps, back aches, nausea, feeling bloated, etc. Some women however don’t have a proper hormonal response or control over the system and may indeed bleed in a period-like fashion. An ectopic pregnancy is when the zygote is implanted in any other place except the uterus, probably the fallopian tube. Ectopic pregnancy is accompanied by excess pain and bleeding, muscle cramps in your lower abdomen, nausea and fatigue. Miscarriages or a spontaneous abortion generally happens within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. The vital signs of pregnancy like nausea, bloated stomach or sagging breasts also disappear after a miscarriage. TOOLS & RESOURCES Ovulation Calculator Due Date Calculator Detecting Ovulation Am I Pregnant?

POPULAR Crying & Colic Bathing & Body Care Diapering & Bottom Care Childcare Activities & Play Is It Normal? After fertilization and implantation, a baby is at first just an embryo: two layers of cells from which all the organs and body parts will develop. Connect with us Sign up for our weekly emails that detail your baby's development Get our FREE apps My Pregnancy & Baby Today Mom Feed Like us on Facebook Follow us on Pinterest Follow us on Instagram Follow us on Twitter BabyCenter Blog BabyCenter Community Love us? This Internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. If you want to participate in The Jewish Motherhood Project, the hop over to the Q&A! As for prepared, I never took a birthing class, electively induced, and even picked the day well in advance. Although I was hardcore jonesing for "What to Expect When You're Expecting," and although Mr.
I also anticipate being comatose most of Saturday and Sunday as a result of the festivities. It's got all of the basics, complete with charts about just how expensive the basics in Israel can be.
Find an advocate, Labinsky says, which is key to protekzia, or the ability to protect oneself by utilizing contacts and connections! When you've got kids and a family or are a retiree, there's a lot to consider when making the big leap across the pond.
There are a lot more considerations when it comes to picking up and moving to Israel, even if you're willing to give up certain aspects of "comfortable" living for the fulfillment of a religious or personal ideal.
We talked about our past marriages, in a no-nonsense "this is what I can put up with, and this is what I need" way. I was a tough one to wrangle, always independent and career-driven and destined for big things in New York City. The financial and emotional challenges we've faced since meeting and getting married have, if anything, helped us figure out who we are as a couple, as a zivug.
Yes, there will be a baby and chaos and madness and a lack of sleep and insanity, but what happens between husband and wife? Contrary to popular belief, niddah doesn't mean "unclean" or "dirty," but rather "separate" or "moved" according to ritual impurity.
Yes, that means most women will spend half the month and year in niddah, unable to do a variety of things like having sex with her spouse. There are a ton of different aspects of the birthing process that complicate or intensify things like whether it's a natural birth or C-section, whether she's having a boy or a girl, and so on. Luckily, Rav Moshe Feinstein has said that it's okay for the husband to be in the birthing room supporting his wife, but there's still a hands-off approach (Igrot Moshe Yoreh Deah 2:75). Giving birth is such an all-sensory experience, I find it hard to imagine not sharing the physical side with Mr.
Once the bleeding after birth stops, you have to count seven clean days and visit the mikvah. Your period can return anywhere between 11 weeks and 24 months after you give birth, depending on oodles of different factors. I've never been a super touchy-feely person when it comes to significant others, but I've grown to enjoy the comfort of knowing there's a kiss or hug around the corner when I need it. Once-a-month getaways with some silence and relaxation to reconnect to myself, my body, and HaShem?
The concept of chesed is great, it's beautiful, and we learn from Pirkei Avot -- the Ethics of the Fathers -- that it is one of the three things that the world stands on. My gripe is that the way we connect with HaShem matters, but it only matters between us and HaShem.
It goes back to my issue with anonymity and doing something for the sake of it being good and kind rather than for the attention and spotlight on what a great person you are. At the beginning of the portion HaShem says he'll provide basar in the evening and lechem in the morning. In Judaism there are many different types of segulas or things that Jews do to try and change the course or the way things are. It's not an incredibly long portion, so the small things slowly start to create questions without answers.
As it goes, there are specific instructions about when to go out and collect the bread, and every person is to gather only according to their needs and the needs of their house. In reality, the man and lechem are the same thing, with the main difference being that HaShem, Aharon, and Moshe insist on calling it lechem and the people seem to be averse to the term, marveling and calling it man. Growing up I was obsessed with "The Brady Bunch," and I always admired families with a lot of kids.
For the first four, we didn't find out the gender, but after that we did and we didn't tell :) The children's names were decided on together by me and my husband. The best thing a woman can do for herself is to make sure she is accurately educated and has a support team that she trusts to help insure a smooth delivery. It is only recently that he felt ready, which was very stressful for me as I was probably ready 1.5 years ago and was waiting for him. I am not so spiritual in general, but I feel very blessed to have the miracle of a baby growing inside of me. I feel like my husband has NO idea what is going to hit him when the baby is born even though I have been trying to get him to read books, talk about it, etc. I think that she and I are in the same boat as far as work, major fears, and energy levels, although having to cope with a partner who isn't necessarily ready to conceive must have been quite difficult. Pence said he felt the hamstring pop running to first base trying to beat out an infield grounder on Wednesday.
We know Ryan Braun is out there , but his contract status makes this untenable for the Giants' situation. Pence missed six starts with a right-hamstring strain from May 21-26, although the injury was mild enough for Pence to hit a pinch double to win a May 23 game against the Padres. Puig was a late scratch on Tuesday with a sore hamstring, but manager Dave Roberts said after the game that he expected Puig to start against the left-handed Jon Lester on Wednesday. And maybe more often they do not want to know the real truth about smoking as a cause of serious diseases. The whole nicotine will leave your body and feelings of smell and taste will return to normal levels. I was having issues quitting as well until I read Allan Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking. I witness the results of chain smoking for decades every time I see my mother in law, and more importantly (to me anyways, but not my husband) my Father, who both have emphysema and COPD, and my Mother was diagnosed with congestive heart failure a couple of years ago. Thank you for your concern for my health but rest assured no one is more concerned than I, especially with such blatant reminders as to what my children will go through if I don’t quit and possibly even if I do. Your assumptions that we’d rather enjoy a cigarette than worry about our health are ignorant to say the least. I was quit for a week any every nano-second of that week was miserable for me and everyone around me.
When a person is addicted to cigarettes and tries to quit, every thought has smoking attached to it. Though all bleeding during pregnancy does not result in miscarriages, it is also not a very good thing to happen. This occurs when the fertilized egg cell or zygote first implants itself on the uterine walls leading to light bleeding or streaking. However though it is pretty safe and does not pose any complications, it is still wise to consult with a doctor. If this condition is left unnoticed then the embryo would start growing in your fallopian tube and thus burst it open. However, miscarriages may even occur without bleeding as the body is still not revolting the signs off a missed heartbeat. Placement of the placenta right on the cervical canal leads to a phenomenon called placenta praevia.
If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional. Dan Siegel,A clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine, lays out all of the negative effects bedtime screen viewing can have on the brain and body.
We kept this to ourselves (though I might have "accidentally" dropped a hint or two to my mom and my best friend). The second was "sunny-side up," but still very quick and easy (I'm almost afraid to say it, but all three were under four hours).

T searched near and far for it to get it for me, I couldn't help but feel like every page I read was another warning of something horrible that was happening. Yes, Israel has its own American football league, called the IFL, and the coach of the illustrious Judean Rebels is none other than the husband (Coach!) of blogger Ruti.
Although, the truth is, you can take a horse to water, but you can't really teach him to drink.
We discussed how we got to where we are, our own unique paths that led us to being "religious" Jews.
It was my requirement -- no "yes" to a proposal until I meet your son, which didn't stop Mr. I was pretty sure I was going to be single -- or at least unmarried -- for the rest of my life. Yes, the term impure is a pretty loaded term, but there are plenty of ways for men to become impure as well. There are differing opinions on the 12 days rule among different groups of Jews, and Yoatzot.org goes into some of those here. Then you're back to that pre-baby pregnancy bliss of being able to canoodle your spouse whenever you like. Some women start menstruating right away and can get pregnant immediately, others opt for birth control to regulate things and put off a baby a bit further.
Knowing that birth can do all sorts of wackadoodle things to your hormones has me in a bit of a stomach knot, because observing the laws of taharat ha'mishpacha means that you live within the confines of Torah and it doesn't bend to your will or want -- even when you think you need it.
There's no weekly or monthly or yearly accounting in synagogue of all of the various chesed you've done, is there?
It's only when the people actually receive the food that we read that the basar was specifically quail (shlav). Other people have different segulas for getting pregnant (go to the mikvah after a woman who has several children) or for meeting a spouse. I feel torn between wanting to shop like crazy for the baby versus not buying anything because its ayin hara. In my first marriage children weren't even a conversation (B"H), and in this marriage we were pregnant before we could even think about it. Some might point out that Bruce swings left-handed, like Brandon Belt, Joe Panik, Brandon Crawford and Denard Span. Chase d'Arnaud replaced him at short in the seventh and Beckham will be reevaluated on Thursday.
When I quit it was cold turkey or nothing as there weren’t any of the tools then there are now. Quitting doesn’t give me an excuse to treat my family like shit and for that reason I lit up. I was finally able to quit with Chantix (3 prescriptions)and 2 weeks of prayer preparation before I was successful.
For anyone who is interested, I used Allen Carr’s methods, as did my father, and my partner. Any sort of bleeding before the completion of 24 weeks of gestation period is known as threatened miscarriage or threatened abortion and anything beyond is known as an ante-partum hemorrhage. I was much more relaxed with the second two deliveries knowing more or less what to expect.
When the aliyah approval came through, I didn't think I needed to sit down and figure out how much I needed monthly to survive in Israel. Without the motivation to really think about the financial reality of living in Israel, this book will never grace your coffee table, let alone help guide you.
I lit my chanukiyah, made sure I looked awesome, and set off to meet a complete stranger with whom I'd only had a few email chats.
We talked about our travels, our talents, music, and everything else that came up organically, naturally throughout the night. For a woman in the midst of birth, I can imagine, this can be a pretty emotionally rotten time for her husband to be completely hands off. We shouldn't do things publicly or keep lists so everyone knows how awesomely kind and giving we are. I felt a lot of responsibility to my siblings growing up and wanted my own freedom for a bit. It is a hard balance trying to work amid the exhaustion, especially knowing that after the baby comes you'll have to hit the bricks and get back to work quickly to help support the family.
I read it once with a very skeptical mind, but noticed I was not smoking as much so I read it again with an open mind, no cravings, no mood swings, no weight gain, I feel good. I backed off to 3 cigarettes a day and it took a while to get to that point as I was smoking over 2 packs a day.
But have you ever tried to break a 20+ year addiction with screaming teenagers and a Deaf 10 year old in your house?
I knew the dangers of smoking because I worked as a Registered Nurse on a Critical care unit. He knew I'd say yes, I knew I'd say yes, but when you're bringing a child from the first marriage into the mix, it's a necessary formality. After getting married the first time around because it was time (I was 27 after all) and having one of the most confusing, depressing, and out-of-body experiences of my life, I was convinced the dream of singledom and a carefree baby-less life was back on, but this time in Denver.
Yes, we live in a world where billionaires throw money around at causes and get lots of mad props for it, but is it right? All I can think is "Oh my gosh it's going to hurt and be horrible and miserable and traumatic and painful and ouch ouch ouch." I pray that it won't feel that way, that it will be an amazing and emotional experience, but everything I've ever seen on TV tells me otherwise.
I had a lung function test done today and I stopped in time I have situational asthma but no copd.
I remember the snow on the ground and the taste of my first cigarette all those Decembers ago. There are support groups and nicotine replacement therapy, and resources galore to help me on my way. Especially when your bad mood affects every aspect of your life, including the moods and behavior of your family? I took care of the ventilator patients with end stage COPD who were dying and there was nothing that could be done for them. When I quit and then got my Husband to quit 3yrs later, my daughters STOP getting sick with ear infections, sore throats and of course coughs.
When I got the urge, I picked up a book because I love to read, chewed gum or drank a lot of water. A drug, that is legal, makes the government a pretty penny, and I was introduced to at a young, impressionable age by my peers. T nabbed for me at Pomeranz booksellers called A Portion of Kindness by Rosally Saltsman, which has weekly mini-assessments of verses from the parshah (portion) and how we can connect it to chesed.
My parents were smokers and smoked so much that they didn’t even notice if a pack went missing. Because quitting isn’t just a decision you have to make every morning for the rest of your life. I really like her quick and witty take on the weekly portion, and she offers a lot of great tips on how to do chesed.
In the beginning, it’s literally every nano-second of every day that you have to concentrate on not lighting up. This past week, for Va'yeshev, Saltsman commented on how there were so many good intentions in the parsha, but that most of the time the good intentions didn't really come to fruition (like the brothers who wanted to come back, rescue Yosef and return him to his father). It’s a matter of not only breaking addiction, but relearning to live my life WITHOUT a cigarette in my hand. However, after being smoke free for over seven years, I don’t look at smokers with a sense of dismissive ridicule, but with a sense of pity.
She discussed how there's a concept in Judaism where if the intention is there and the follow-through falls through, the intention is what counts.
So often we do something with the proper intention, and it doesn't always go according to plan (at least not our plan), and that's fine.
Now Marlboros are out of my price range, but a close second and (affordable?) substitute is Pall Mall menthol lights.

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