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Kiss goodbye to eating fish that are high in mercury, as they can be dangerous to your unborn baby. Ok, ok… so it’s not technically a food, but alcohol is a big no-no when you’re trying to fall pregnant.
Domestic Rockstar e-news: Sign upGet recipes, articles, party planning info and the best online sales delivered to your inbox. Whether that means eating a diet full of super-foods, exercising regularly or avoiding stress wherever possible, you’ll do everything you can to fall pregnant. Not only can high-sugar foods mess with your hormones, they can also lead to unwanted weight gain, which does not help your fertility one little bit!

Not only can it lead to birth defects, but it’s also been found to lower a woman’s fertility.
I know it tastes sooooo good, but raw or undercooked eggs, meat and fish, as well as unpasteurized cheeses can lead to food-borne bacteria such as salmonella and listeria.
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And hey, you may as well get used to being a teetotaler – you’re going to be one for nine months soon anyway!

Cut back to about two cups of coffee a day to be on the safe side (but don’t forget that chocolate and tea also contain caffeine!).

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