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Texas ranks high in states prone to major storms, and electric companies have decades of experience with hurricane recovery. At the same time, these companies have been investing in technology to more quickly and accurately pinpoint problems. If you do lose power, please know that electric companies all have Emergency Restoration Plans and are committed to restoring all power as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible.
Again, the timeline for restoration is heavily dependent on the severity of the weather event and the extent of the areas affected.
To operate small vessels (the Copes) at BMSC, Transport Canada requires the operator to have at a minimum a valid Pleasure Craft Operators Card (PCOC) and WorkSafeBC Level 1 First Aid or Transport Canada Endorsed Marine Basic First Aid. Students from Alberta can take a WorkSafe Alberta approved First Aid course (either Emergency First Aid or Standard First Aid).

Students not attending a BC or AB university can consult the University Programs Coordinator to ensure they take an approved First Aid certificate. The only exceptions are for foreign boaters, and those certified in Small Vessel Operators Proficiency (SVOP) or a higher level of Canadian marine safety training. What is BMSC?The Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, Bamfield, BC, Canada, is a not-for-profit facility dedicated to education and research related to coastal marine sciences. Keep in TouchFollow us on our social media channels so you can connect with BMSC wherever you go!
Start preparing today with a USMLE study guide that includes USMLE review tips to practice.
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Electric companies regularly review and revise their hurricane emergency plans through regular drills and assessment of their assets. As hurricane season gets closer, be sure to take the time to consider how you will prepare your home for an approaching hurricane and what you will do if your home experiences a power outage.
There are other variables that affect damage and restoration like the speed of the storm, rainfall and windshield. However, for many courses it is recommended that students obtain a PCOC and appropriate first aid training so they can operate boats.

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