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Please tell me your opinions on dream interpretation and also what different symbols you think could possibly mean.
If you dream that you are abusing someone or something then it might indicate that you are feeling remorse. To dream that you are pregnant could represent a new aspect of yourself, idea, or goal that is developing. To dream that you are homosexual when you are not in your waking life is usually symbolic of self-acceptance. Losing a loved one, being chased by a monster or running hopelessly late for a vital appointment - it's all the stuff of nightmares.
Scientists are trying to unravel the meaning behind the disturbing dreams that leave us waking in a panic. They believe that while the nightmare may not directly correspond to waking life, it can reflect the sleeper's emotions or concerns. The five most common themes are falling, being chased, feeling paralysed, being late and the death of a loved one. Hair or tooth loss and sitting exams are also common themes, even among those too young to go bald and too old to sit exams.But there were clear differences in the topics that haunted the sleep of the sexes in the study conducted in Germany. Those who owned up to having a lot of nightmares were also asked to describe their contents.'Topics like falling, being chased or paralysed do not have direct correspondences to waking-life experiences,' said researcher Dr Michael Schredl from the International Association for the Study of Dreams. Dreams about hair and tooth loss are more common in women - perhaps signifying anxieties about losing their looks.
The findings came from a study in which researchers asked 2,000 men and women about their dreams.
Davina Mackail, a Daily Mail columnist and dream expert, said: 'Nightmares are a response to something unresolved. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

You could be evading responsibilities or simply trying to deny something that has happened or is happening. I have this really weird dream where I got pregnant where the daddy was my crush and after I told him he kinda protected me from the people attempting to hit my belly. The people trying to hit your belly could be symbolic of people in your waking life that are holding you back. However if you are uncomfortable in these dreams then it could mean that you might have some insecurities with your femininity. One in ten said they had frightening dreams several times a year and almost one in 20 woke up in terror at least once a fortnight.
I have been wondering if we all could have similar meanings for different symbols so please help fuel my curiosity. While there are common symbols that can have universal meaning, for the most part, it is up to the dreamer to unlock the cryptic images in their dream to understand the true meaning.
However, meaningful dreams can occur at any time of the day.Dreams that are affected by our physical environment have little meaning or impact.
For example, a dream involving a physical condition such as a sound or a physical action won’t have an important meaning. If you haven’t had a sexual relationship for a long time, you might have a compensatory dream about meeting a new partner and fulfilling those sexual desires that you have. Reconciliation dreams is our sub conscious minds way of dealing with the loss of people who have made an impact on our lives.
If you dream of going up an elevator it means that you are going to improve your current status in life.Successful vs. These dreams both product and intense emotion that is often felt throughout the dream and when the dream awakes from the dream. The emotion can have a lasting effective because dreams often feel very real to the dreamer.A common characteristic in a nightmare is the need to run away from something or a situation in a dream.

The physiological reaction in these dreams is often present with the fight or flight response often triggering a lot of emotion in the body.Anxiety dreams are less intense than nightmares but still cause us stress in our dreams. While the images of the anxiety dream can play an important role in the dream, it is often the emotion that is experienced throughout the dream that needs to be faced and recognized in the dream. Dreams can specifically allow dreams to specifically access and discover hidden anxieties that may be bothering your subconscious mind.Relationship dreamsDreaming about a past or current lover is one of the most common dreams you can have.
Remember that these dreams are quite common if you have had strong feelings for someone in the past.
Just because someone is cheating on you in the dream, doesn’t mean it is true in your waking life. You need to understand what the cheating represents and if it is an aspect of you or not.How to Interpret DreamsWhen it comes to interpreting dreams you must always take the whole dream into context. If there is specifically one image that stood out then you should start by looking up the meaning of that, but you should also look up the other elements that are present in your dream.The more information you can remember from your dream, the more accurate the interpretation of the dream can be. This is because your mind will be focused in on it throughout the day, causing your sub conscious to dream about it.Often dreams that are more vivid and clear have more significance or meaning to the dreamer.
If you wake up barely remembering anything that you dreamed of, it is probably something that was a forgettable dream.
The moment you wake up you will have the fresh image of what happened in a dream, minutes later your thoughts will change you will start to lose details.
Important details may be forgotten that could have an impact on the significance of the dream.Always write down specific details and events that occur in the dream including time, dates, places, people, objects, actions, and other symbols that you think are important.
Our professional dream interpreters are available to help you identify themes and patterns that are present in your dreams.

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