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According to a study published in PLOS, fetuses are capable of moving and responds when the mothers touch their stomachs, reports Time magazine. To prove these statements, researchers brought 23 healthy pregnant women and let them into dark rooms to perform three different behaviors.

The study also found that premature babies had a better chance of learning and reading skills once they were born because their mothers read to them as a fetus, which developed “the auditory fitness necessary to shape the brain for hearing and language development,” according to the study. A 2013 study had similar findings which stated that babies can learn and understand language because of what they hear from their mothers while they’re in the womb, according to WebMD.
According to WebMD, babies are capable of absorbing information in the womb during the last 10 weeks of pregnancy. Previous articleSigns, Symptoms, Triggers And Treatments Of Hypo And Hyperthyroidism.Next articleRussian Lad Sues Ex-Girlfriend Demanding The Money He Spent On Her.

One practice was to rub the abdomen, while another practice  had the mothers talk to their babies and the last had mothers keep their arms at their side.
A study that was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences earlier this year stated that children learn skills in languages while in the womb itself, when their parents read or talk to them.

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