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According to Science Daily, it was recently discovered that Vitamin D insufficiency can be a serious impediment to getting pregnant, reducing the possibility by 50%. Did you know that over 1% of all newborns in USA are a result of the in vitro fertilization?
Holick MF, Binkley NC, Bischoff-Ferrari HA, Gordon CM, Hanley DA, Heaney RP, Murad MH, Weaver CM; Endocrine Society. Everybody knows that a little sunbathing is really good for you, especially after a long cold winter.

It is an inexpensive option and will raise your chances to get pregnant, if you are planning to.
Vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy: double-blind, randomized clinical trial of safety and effectiveness. High-dose vitamin D3 supplementation in a cohort of breastfeeding mothers and their infants. The study, published by Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism(JCEM), shows that insufficiency of this steroid hormone affects the fertility.

It was established that women with a sufficient level of vitamin D had two times more chances to become pregnant and produce stronger embryos. This hormone helped them create qualitative eggs and keep the pregnancy as well, in comparison to women with lower vitamin D level.

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