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Even though it sounds counterintuitive birth control pills can also prepare your body for pregnancy. Samuel Thatcher explains that in order to sustain a pregnancy your egg follicles must experience three consecutive cycles of menstruation. Three strong periods is a very difficult challenge for women who have PCOS (getting pregnant with pcos). Using birth control pills will help your body’s reproductive system order reliable menstrual cycles.
Thatcher suggests staying on the pill for a few months until you are ready to try to conceive.
A low dose synthetic pill combining the hormones estrogen and progesterone should achieve this result.

Other fertility drugs work by increasing hormone levels such as Luteinizing Hormone but tamoxifen doesn’t do that.
Women with PCOS usually have high levels of Luteinizing Hormone and increasing it may make conception more difficult. Tamoxifen works by increasing estrogen levels by direct action on the ovary rather than through the hypothalamic-pituitary axis. Surgical instruments may be inserted through the same incision or the other small incisions in the pelvic area. The surgeon can repair any damage that has occurred to your fallopian tubes and can also clear any blocks.
The surgeon can use electro cautery to destroy parts of the ovary and cause ovulation to occur.

Getting rid of parts of the ovaries can help women with PCOS who cannot ovulate because this action stimulates and reinstates normal cycles of ovulation. You can go home soon after surgery and will be able to resume normal life and activities after one day.
It has been proved that laparoscopy helps women ovulate 80% more and a 50% frequency of pregnancy.

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