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The Kardashians may have rubbed off a bit on Tyga, as he reportedly has plans to take after his ex by heading down the reality show route. The unstoppable tide of water surged through doors despite residents' best efforts to keep it out, soaking the entire stock of some businesses and leaving knee-high silt tidemarks in houses.Piles of written-off groceries were dumped outside Khan's IGA supermarket on Picton's Argyle Street.
The shop's owners spent hours carting the soaked groceries to the front of the store, where the thousands of dollars worth of stock lay ready to be dumped the next day.A A NSW Premier Mike Baird visited the supermarket as he toured through Picton, reminding residents that, even though the rains had stopped, they should exercise caution and help each other out. St Mary's Church in Picton also received extensive damage because of the stormUnfortunately Sindy is a book collector and she has lost all of her books as well as many precious family photographs she had kept for years.'It's unbelievable how much of our stuff was just swept away down the road.
The business wrote on its Facebook page that despite their best efforts the shop got flooded.
The pictures on their Facebook page also showed the flooding in the streets in CamdenA 'These photos were taken about an hour ago as we evacuated . A broadcast pro who has informed and entertained on radio and television for over a decade. They have been stuck at Bara Bhangal, located at an altitude over 2,800 metre, that has no road link. The trek to Bara Bhangal, part of the Dhauladhar Wildlife Sanctuary which remains cut off from the rest of the world for over six months due to heavy snow, is 65 km from the last village connected by road in Kangra district.

LITTLEFIELD, Texas (AP) — Outside of a struggling West Texas town, about a mile from the high school, sits a one-story brick building, its perimeter fencing topped with razor wire.
PHOENIX (AP) — Paul Goldschmidt is showing signs of returning to consistent All-Star form.The Arizona Diamondbacks first baseman homered and doubled in three at-bats Saturday night, helping his team to an 8-7 win over the San Diego Padres. What they have done has been beautiful it really has,' Sindy Duffield told Daily Mail Australia.'Things that can be saved, people have taken and washed, but we still have a whole heap to get through. I know that most of the shops down our end (I'm not sure about the others) are all under now,' their Facebook post said. Three of them got injuries while crossing the Thamsar Pass, located at an attitude of 4,700 metre, but they managed to reach Bara Bhangal.
Since last fall, it's been home to some of Texas' most violent sex offenders.The former prison re-opened after the state overhauled its civil commitment program for convicted sex offenders following a state investigation that found the previous operation was poorly managed and ineffective for 16 years.
Our caravan was wedged underneath a tree,' Sindy explained.'But we probably had about 13 people here today working in shifts.
It happened very quickly as the drains in the street backed up and this was where the water started.A 'Then the creek burst and that was it.
As per our information, no team has been able to reach the village where the trekkers have been stranded due to bad weather," he added.

I think just trying to make solid contact every day and hit some line drives," Goldschmidt said.
It was pouring in through the back and the sand bags just couldn't hold.A 'I would like to thank the SES and fire brigade who tried to save all the shops with sand bags and even a pump. You can't be organised for something like this and it's the mud that's been the major problem, but we're so grateful for all the help. He allowed four runs on six hits and won for the fourth time in five starts, improving to 7-1 in 14 career starts against San Diego."Fastball was probably the best it's been all year," Greinke said.
Plus, the program's overhaul will be compared against those in 19 other states and the District of Columbia, all of which permit civil commitment of convicted sex offenders who are considered likely to commit new sex crimes after finishing prison sentences.Minnesota's civil commitment program was ruled unconstitutional a year ago, and a class-action lawsuit called it tantamount to a life sentence. She's approved two moves, one for a man in Fort Worth and another in Houston.Before lawmakers overhauled the program, about half of those civilly committed were sent back to prison for violating one or more of about 200 treatment or supervision rules. However, she said, in-patient institutional programs followed by supervised community placement, like Texas' new setup, does increase effectiveness."It is helpful to have people sort of being in the environment that they're going to be in so that they can practice skills and you can sort of monitor what's going on with real-time kind of feedback," Christopher said.

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