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A tubal ligation is a procedure in which surgery is performed on a female to keep her from becoming pregnant.
Perhaps she has lost a child, gotten married to a man that has no children of his own or maybe she just wants to have another baby. For a woman that has had a tubal ligation, the journey to being able to get pregnant again is going to be emotional and possibly frustrating. The chances of getting pregnant after tubal ligation will vary from woman to woman, but it can and does happen. Women interested in a permanent form of birth control should look into an attractive procedure called tubal ligation.
Find health and lifestyle advices & Get answers!Share real-life experiences with more than 250,000 community members! While most people think the procedure is permanent, there are females that have a change of heart and want to get pregnant after having it done. Any number of different reasons could have her feeling maternal and nostalgic about welcoming another baby into her life.
A tubal ligation reversal procedure is the most common way a woman is going to be able to get pregnant after sterilization.
If pregnancy is what a woman desires and she has had her tubes tied, it is best to consult with a specialist to explore all the options available to help her conceive.

This surgical procedure serilizes a woman very effectively, preventing pregnancy with a failure rate as low as 0.4%.
While a woman's chances of getting pregnant after tubal ligation are low, there are ways in which she can make it happen. One thing guaranteed to be on a woman's mind is, what are her chances of getting pregnant after a tubal ligation and how to get pregnant - how can she make it happen. If this is something being considered a woman needs to prepare her body, eat healthy, lose weight if needed and adopt an open minded way of thinking. If age or other problems are suspected, she can always use donor eggs in order to become pregnant and have a child of her own. Pregnancy Can You Get Pregnant With Your Tubes Tied?By Jo Humphreys0293 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Getting your tubes tied is a procedure known as tubal ligation or a tubectomy. To maintain a high level of fertility, a woman should avoid smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and other things which could be hindering her chances.
There are things a woman can do to become pregnant after a tubal ligation and consulting with a physician is the best way to find out all the options available. During this procedure, clamps are used on the fallopian tubes to block them and prevent eggs from passing through, either sealing them or severing them. Getting pregnant after a tubal ligation is not entirely impossible if the woman also seeks the help of a qualified, skilled medical professional with a lot of experience in tubal reversal surgery.

There are a number of things that will be taken into account including your age, the health of your body and your reproductive system, the type of tube-tying surgery you had to begin with and things like your lifestyle, weight, etc.Can you get pregnant with your tubes tied?  Although some women DO want to have their tubal ligation reversed, many do not. Just as with other forms of contraception and birth control however, getting your tubes tied is not a 100% guaranteed way of ensuring you don’t get pregnant.
If a fistula has occurred during the healing process (a tube of sorts), the egg can still pass through. After your procedure it is recommend that you avoid sexual contact for between six to eight weeks to ensure the healing pattern happens as it should do and avoid unwanted pregnancies.For any of the types of procedure, pregnancy can still occur when the healing process hasn’t worked as it should, with gaps, fistulas and maybe even small tears allowing either the egg to pass through, or the sperm to reach the egg. In the latter case, ectopic pregnancy is a risk with the egg unable to pass through to implant in the uterus, implanting in the fallopian tubes instead.In very rare cases, you can get pregnant after having your tubes tied because the tubes themselves fuse or ‘heal’ back together, allowing both sperm and egg to pass through as it normally would. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

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