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The Material contained herein may not be reproduced without the prior written approval of the author. Hamster pups should not be touched for the first two weeks as the scent it leaves on the babies can confuse the mother, causing her to abandon them or even eat them as she mistakes them for someone else’s babies. We let momma out to run in her ball and socialize like she used to and she loved, loved, loved it!

A black hamster is defined by having a solid black coat, black eyes, black ears, white chin and white feet. A dove-colored hamster is defined by having a grey-brown coat with red eyes and flesh-colored ears. A golden-colored hamster is defined by having a golden brown coat with an ivory belly, dark brown cheek flashes, black eyes and grey ears.

These pups have been the most adventurous thus far and get disciplined the most by their mother.

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