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Almost all women who had been privileged enough have gone through their fair share of morning sickness in their early pregnancy years and it sure is pretty normal.
But doctors determined yet some other causes such as stress, estrogen or even HCG which is human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone which rises in excess during this time.
Although it is a common process, for some it lasts for the first few days and for some it lasts till the due date. As said before, this is a common process and a mild case of this does not harm the child inside. We don’t fight the natural process, but if it is necessary certain prenatal medications against morning sickness can be availed.
This is that time when the mother gets full attention, people around her worried and careful and why will it not be?

This ‘sickness’ which is a form of nausea, evokes the feeling of vomiting or actually makes the woman feel the need to barf, usually early morning although it has no specific timing. It is just the mother getting used to the body’s changes so that the child doesn’t feel any problem later.
But there are some particular reasons as to why they occur to some women more than the others. This natural process required us to keep our nutrients in our body so as long as we can keep some food in our stomach; it is not really a concern. The chances of vomiting automatically increase when the woman is pregnant with twins or maybe because of a girl child she is carrying. If the prolonged vomiting is too much and is making the body weak then a doctor consultation may be seeked.

She is the beholder of a new life to be brought on this earth, she is the shelter her new one gets, she is the one who shares her everything with her new part of life but pregnancy is always not this beautiful since there are times when a woman has to go through a lot of troubles and pain and one of this is the vomiting. There is no specific set of causes kept aside for this problem, although it is suspected that the main cause for this maybe because of the hormonal changes a mother goes through in her early pregnancy days. Even young mothers who are going through this process for the first time due to stress or lack of coping up with the changes might fall prey to this morning sickness.
It may also be the physical changes, the responsibility of carrying a new one in her womb, sharing with it every problems and solution.

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