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Quick tip 1 – Do hormone testing to find out if your hormone levels are normal in order to facilitate the ovulation process.
Quick tip 3 – Use the rhythm method to know which day is the perfect day to have sexual intercourse. Quick tip 5 – The signs of fertility are changes in the cervical mucous and elevated temperature. Quick tip 6 – The missionary position is the natural and most favored in conceiving and a perfect position in getting pregnant. Quick tip 8 – Proper balanced diet is a vital factor to help in nourishing and boosting your reproductive hormones. If you're serious about doing what it takes to bring that beautiful, healthy baby into your life, then I urge you -- please don't wait too long!
The Lumalove Getting Pregnant FormulaA® shares tips for getting pregnant that increase fertility naturally or increase the overall success rate of infertility treatment!
Get the precise recipe of vitamins and minerals that acts as great fertility-enhancing "fertilizer" in the 4 vital areas: rejuvenating your reproductive machine, boosting your egg quality, enhancing uterus lining and synchronizing your fertility hormones.
Everything I did know and did not know about how to increase fertility naturally and produce stronger healthier eggs and sperm. My secret weapon -- powerful pre conception energy exercises that I walk you through that literally act like a switch to turn your baby "circuits" into a highly receptive state (You won't believe the awesome power of these until you've tried it for yourself).
The dozens of "pregnancy urban myths" that most couples buy into that are unfortunately killing their dream to start a family -- which ones do YOU believe?

Learn multiple ways to grow your lush, plush, fertile reproductive system (learn how to ensure the lining of your womb is optimal soil to grow a baby because without it your pregnancy is destined to fail.) REMEMBER GETTING PREGNANT IS NOT JUST SEX & OVULATION MONITORING!
Learn how to eliminate common functional ovarian cysts because they can scar your ovaries and make it harder to get pregnant. Learn the 8,000+ orgasmic hot spot nerves "under the female hood" that when triggered release hormonesa€™ surge that propels sperms to swim faster to meet your egg. Learn THE MOST IMPORTANT TEST ALL women should get doneBEFORE they begin the getting pregnant process. LearnA at least 6 fixable reasons why your husband may be producing a low quantity of sperm, deformed or unsuitable sperm for pregnancy.
Learn at least 50 fixable reasons why you may beA producingA and releasing an egg every month but still are not getting pregnant. My comprehensive list of lifestyle "tweaks" that you both should incorporate into your daily routine to supercharge your reproductive system and turn your body into a "highly greased baby machine", changing the color of your pregnancy test within a month, despite what you may have been told by the experts. Because growing a healthy baby is the most energetically taxing activity your body will EVER have to go through, raising your cell vibration or life force energy NOW makes it A LOT easier for you to get pregnant, prevent miscarriage, prevent preterm labor, and have a healthier pregnancy outcome.
Learn why your egga€™s, partnera€™s spermsa€™, and both your energies need to be aligned with the lighter energy of your baby-to-be.
This precise recipe acts as great fertility-enhancing "fertilizer" in the 4 vital areas: rejuvenating your reproductive machine, boosting your egg quality, enhancing uterus lining and synchronizing your fertility hormones.
For example, high levels of prolactin will suppress the release of luteinizing hormone and Follicle stimulating hormone.

Fertility treatment is recommended for women who are affected by hormone imbalances that cause irregular menstrual cycle.
Eliminate beverages such as caffeine and alcohol from your diet because they affect fertility.
Thata€™s how confident I am that you WILL BENEFIT from my Lumalove Getting Pregnant FormulaA®. The formula removes a lot of the guesswork as to why you are not getting pregnant and why your partner is not producing good, healthy sperm.
This viscous cervical mucous will trap the sperms and make sure that they arrive safely to their desired destination. Learn everything you need to know about what vitamins you should be taking to get pregnant FAST! This program helps you to energetically meet the spirit of the baby who has preselected YOU and is WAITING FOR YOU. Karen Leham is double board-certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and in Reproductive Endocronology and Infertility.

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