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Sign Up for PregPrep Newsletters and receive amazing tips on conception, pregnancy and special offers. When a pregnant woman shares the good news with her doctor, most likely she will leave the office with a prescription for prenatal vitamins. But most doctors agree that taking the right vitamins before conception can have far reaching effects on the ultimate health of the fetus, as well as promote ideal fertility and reproductive health. Folic acid also has fertility benefits for men and has been shown to increase the quality and amount of sperm. Vitamin C is easy to obtain through certain foods but can also be found in many supplements.
It turns out that Vitamin D, the well-regarded “sunshine vitamin”, is needed to help the body create the sex hormones which regulate ovulation and hormonal balance. There are an overwhelming number of vitamin options available today with the majority containing a long list of nutrients intended to support a woman throughout her entire pregnancy. While opinions differ among experts on which prenatal vitamin formula is best for preconception, all seem to agree that women trying to become pregnant should choose a high-quality supplement that includes folic acid.
Women trying to conceive don’t have to choose traditional vitamins made for the entire pregnancy ride. New research studies are showing that there are even more complications and adverse side effects that come from taking too many vitamins.
Vitamins might be a good thing for some, but taking vitamins everyday can lead to severe complications if you are on prescription medications. If you consume a high intake of a particular vitamin or mineral over a short period of time, this could lead to many types of temporary reactions.
Some vitamins consumed excessively could actually increase your risk of developing cancer or increasing the growth of an existing cancer. You can actually build up a level of toxic accumulation of vitamins in your body if you take excessive amounts.
In order to have a healthy lifestyle, you need a balanced diet of all essential vitamins and nutrients.
These are just a few of the new complications that can occur to you because of vitamins, and you need to be aware that just because something is supposed to be healthy doesn’t mean it is. Many women benefit from taking a multivitamin to make up for what vitamins and minerals may be lacking in their diet.
Prenatal vitamins — why they might not be is it ok to take prenatal vitamins if i'm not pregnant, getting too much folic acid by taking supplements can.The problem comes when we have misconceptions about prenatal vitamins.
Folic acid has been shown to reduce a woman’s chances of having a baby with neural tube defects by up to 70%. A recent study from Harvard Medical School involving 18,000 women indicates that taking multi-vitamins, particularly ones containing folic acid, can improve chances for pregnancy by promoting ovulation.
One study published in Fertility and Sterility in 2003 showed that a moderate amount of supplemental Vitamin C improves hormone levels and increases fertility in women with Luteal Phase Defect, an ovulation disorder that can lead to early miscarriage.

Yale University School of Medicine conducted a study of 67 infertile women and discovered that a mere 7% had normal Vitamin D levels. It also may help boost the endometrium lining in egg fertilization, decreasing the chances of miscarriage.
They range from traditional tablets and capsules, to chewable and liquid options in a variety of flavors.
While you might be thinking that taking vitamins is good for your body, but more research is coming out that shows just how toxic the vitamins and other supplements are to your body.
Some prescriptions can increase the level of the vitamin that enters your bloodstream, and can result in serious life-threatening complications.
This increased risk is usually associated with supplements that contain zinc, beta-carotene, retinol, and selenium.
Sometimes the nutrient or vitamin can be difficult for your body to excrete, which means it builds in your bloodstream. When you take vitamins excessively, you are essentially throwing your whole body out of whack and creating an imbalance of vitamins in the body.
You also need to be aware that even though vitamins are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, since they are classified as “dietary supplements” but this does not mean that there aren’t risks associated with them. And the best way to ensure there are no gaps in nutritional intake is through vitamin supplements.
Some foods also contain folic acid such as leafy, dark green vegetables, dried beans, peas, most berries, whole grains, and certain fortified cereals.
Some studies have found that a deficiency of B12 may increase the chances of irregular ovulation and, in severe cases, stop ovulation altogether. Some vitamins ca also alter the effectiveness of a medication and can either make it enter your bloodstream too quickly, or it can make the medication useless.
Vitamins that contain beta-carotene will often give your skin a yellow or orange tint, which might make you look like you have a fake tan. It is not known why excessive amounts of certain vitamins increase the risk of cancer but it is something to be aware of.
If you take an excess of one vitamin, you should actually be throwing your body off balance when it comes to another vitamin.
You also should make sure to talk to your doctor before starting any vitamin regimen because vitamins can interact with medications and render them useless, and also your doctor would want to know just in case you begin noticing severe side effects, which could be the result of your medication or the vitamins.
But since this nutrient is so crucial to fetal health, a supplement containing a minimum of 400mg is recommended as soon as a woman begins trying to conceive. All the products in the kit are designed to deliver essential, comprehensive support for fertility and help maximize a woman’s chances for pregnancy.
If you are someone who is currently thinking about taking vitamins or you are already taking vitamins as part of your daily routine, then here are some of the adverse effects that could happen if you take too many vitamins. Taking a lot of vitamins, especially calcium, can affect absorption of antibiotics and make them useless as well.

Taking excessive amounts of magnesium or vitamin C can cause temporary bouts of diarrhea, lasting no more than a day. When you have cancer, various types of vitamins and minerals can affect the cancer cells and other cells within the body. Most commonly, vitamin A, retinol, iron, cooper and manganese can accumulate in your liver to toxic levels. For example, taking too much zinc causes copper deficiency and taking too much vitamin C can cause increase iron accumulation. Prenatal vitamins supply here’s a look at the risks and benefits of taking prenatal vitamins.
It is important to always check with your doctor if you are taking prescription medications before you start a daily vitamin regimen to make sure it will not alter or void the medication. Gastrointestinal upsets might occur if you take excessive amounts of iron and could include an upset stomach, bloating, cramping and gas. Excessive amounts of vitamins could increase the cancer cell production rate, which is why the growth of cancer could increase.
Taking vitamins to an excess is just like any other pills you might take in that you can have too much in your system.
Your body needs specific amounts of vitamins and minerals in order to function properly, so taking an excess of one can deplete another. Sometimes taking too much choline can cause your sweat to have a fishy odor to it and that could last up to a couple of days. Too much of any type of vitamin, nutrient or other medication could result in toxicity which can lead to an overdose.
This excess of a certain vitamin in your body can deplete your body of many other essential vitamins and nutrients and can lead to many serious health complications such as anemia from loss of iron.
Are there benefits of prenatal vitamins if you benefits of prenatal vitamins for an benefits to taking prenatal vitamins when not pregnant.. These temporary symptoms will usually go away within a short period of time and rarely last over 48 hours. When you cram excessive amounts of vitamins in your system, you do not give your body enough time to digest or process the nutrients, which is why it begins building in your bloodstream.
When you have a temporary reaction to excessive vitamin consumption, you want to stop taking those vitamins so that the symptoms can go away on their own. Karen Leham is double board-certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and in Reproductive Endocronology and Infertility.

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