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PREGNANCY SYMPTOMS AFTER MISSED PERIODSymptom within a lateyou must wait at least two after. The next day, Christmas Eve, DLW and I were out to lunch and I told him I needed to swing by the grocery store. Still sneaking around, I took two more tests Christmas morning that were even fainter and disappeared quickly.
Tim and Kath were obviously thrilled and my mom had a sneaking suspicion because I had been so sleepy. We drove back to Colorado after the new year and I was able to schedule my first appointment for the day after we got back.
I tried to wait a few more days but couldn't stop thinking about the test packed in my bag.
He was immediately suspicious and all my plans of a cute pregnancy announcement were thrown out the window. We decided to keep it to ourselves, enjoy Christmas, and take another test in a few days after my hormone levels increased.

I was tired of staring at plus signs, so I sprung for the Clear Blue Digital test and a pack of First Response.
Of course the first Clear Blue Digital had an error and didn't work the first time- $$$ down the drain. My dreams of a cute pregnancy announcement were already out the window so a sent him a text- romantic, right? Because I'm slightly crazy and don't trust things I pee on, I wasted my last pregnancy test "just to make sure" I was still pregnant the day of my appointment.
I have been disappointed by countless negatives tests in the last year and a half but they are worth it to finally get what I've always wanted. When you're in a retirement community, pregnancy tests aren't an item often purchased so I threw two different brands into my basket and made a beeline for the checkout. After 8 pregnancy tests, I didn't believe I was actually pregnant until it was confirmed by the doctor at my first appointment. Plus signs and pink lines can be deceiving- spend the extra $$$ on a digital test the first time and save yourself some crazy.

I am married and twenty-five years old but I embarrassed to buy pregnancy tests- I don't like people knowing my lady business. I'm not sure why I thought that was a good idea but I needed to know right then in the middle of the night.
Of course I took a picture of it before it faded and did some hardcore Googling before I finally fell back asleep. Symptoms, thisfirst signs vomiting show up about early pregnancy and keyword ideaspregnancy.
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