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Yes, it is possible to be pregnant after vasectomy.  It is considered that vasectomy is one of the effective methods to avoid pregnancy.
Having sexual intercourse without contraception by having the misunderstanding zero sperm count. Ahh congrats we where the same had it done in the October and fell in may she's now 13 weeks.
The vas eventually empties into the ejaculatory duct within the prostate, along with the seminal vesicles. Patients need to understand that vasectomy is a rather permanent procedure, although we do have reversal techniques such as vasovasostomy. Usually, the operation is performed using local anaesthetic, although some men prefer a general anaesthetic.
If the testicles become swollen or painful, or if the wound sites start to weep, there may be an infection. Men who have this surgery can go for vasectomy reversal for trying and achieving pregnancy or conception. At orgasm, semen is produced and is made up of sperm and fluid from the prostate and seminal vesicles. With a vasovasostomy, the ends of the vas deferens are reconnected-usually with the aid of a microscope.

It is important to rest for a couple of days and avoid running, swimming or any other physical activity.
On the other hand it is disclosed through research that chances of pregnancy after vasectomy are 99% greater than others. The tail of the epididymis drains into the vas deferens which is incorporated within the spermatic cord and travels through the inguinal region into the retroperitoneal space.
Volume wise, the sperm represent a small portion of the seminal fluid, and after vasectomy there is no noticeable decrease in the volume of the ejaculation. This is a much more involved and costly procedure, so patients should be sure of their decision before proceeding with vasectomy.
A small cut is made on either side of the scrotum and the surgeon then loops out each vas deferens. But this is the procedure that does not allow the sperm to approach the eggs to be fertilized.
A recanalization is the situation when sperms are able to escape and they travel from one tube to other easily.The pregnancy happens right after few months of vasectomy.
Sperm are still produced in the testicle after vasectomy, however they can no longer pass through the vas deferens since it has been divided with vasectomy. It is important to use another form of contraception until tests show zero sperm in the ejaculate.

A small piece from each vas deferens is then removed and both end tied and the lumen is sealed with heat using a diathermy machine. In fact only 1% couples get the pregnancy and the other are spending their life normally after the vasectomy that is increasing as the surgery is getting older. There are chances of live sperms in man in earlier months.  Vasectomy is quite safe and cheaper way of birth control and little precaution can make it safer. If you want to avoid of any negative situations or failure you must be careful in early months of Surgery. It is very effective way of birth control that can take you towards normal and better life.
You will have quite normal life after having this surgery and it does not have any side effects on your health or social life.

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