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Pregnancy is one of the periods in the life of a woman which brings her undefined happiness and joy and gives her all the reasons to feel complete. Once you know that you are about to give good news, your only concern and the area where your world revolves is the baby. On one hand where you feel that you have achieved all the joys of the world, the other side of the coin calls for some scary and fearful feelings solely because of the drastic changes and modifications occurring in the body. The phase of pregnancy can be either divided into three trimesters of three months each where the first trimester can be tagged as the early pregnancy period as well as weeks which can be categorized under 38-40 weeks depending on the delivery. The first trimester which is the initial 12 weeks of pregnancy is quite a critical one when the symptoms are at an all time high. Week by Week Symptoms in Early Pregnancy First and the Second Week This is the time when you miss your period and it is the first sign that shows that you might be pregnant. Fourth Week of Pregnancy Where the body changes are concerned, it starts during the fourth week of pregnancy. Fifth Week Though, not much changes is visible in the fifth week and the defined week where you can be assured that it is pregnancy that is giving you mood swings and not PMS. Sixth Pregnancy Week Tender breast and nipples, feelings of frequent urination and fatigue defines this week of earl pregnancy and its symptoms. Seventh Week Along with the first check up with your doctor, this week is also important where certain symptoms are concerned. Eight Pregnancy Weeks Cramps and pain in the lower part of the abdomen are some of the new signs that you will see taking a front seat in the eight week of early pregnancy.
Week Nine of Pregnancy This is when you will see the feelings of nausea and vomiting as well as that of fatigue subsiding a bit. Pregnancy- Week Eleventh Increase in the belly size and a stretchy feeling is what you start going though in the eleventh week along with the usual headaches, backaches and discomfort because of the growing uterus. Twelfth Week of Pregnancy This is the last of the early pregnancy period and the second and the most comfortable trimester is just around the corner. Noodles are a favorite among many but it is associated with a lot of oil and fat content too! Tangerine essential oil is derived from citrus fruits and gets extracted through cold compression method.

To assess the presence of insomnia and sleepiness and related factors in the late third trimester of pregnancy.
A total of 370 singleton gravids completed a general questionnaire containing personal data, the Insomnia Severity Index (ISI) and the Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS). Insomnia and sleepiness were prevalent in the late third trimester of pregnancy in which lifestyle factors and maternal and neonatal body composition were significant predictors. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Pregnancy in simple terms is the new start of a woman’s life where all she is concerned about is the baby growing inside her womb.
When still in the womb, you are required to see the developmental changes and proper growth of the baby and when you deliver, adhering to all their needs become the top priority. There are innumerable transformations that occur which the mother needs to work in par with.
Each passing week calls for not only changes in the mother and developments in the baby but also some critical signs and symptoms that assure you of a normal pregnancy. Once you get through the first three months, the signs sober down a little and make you a little comfortable and at ease.
Confirmation in the coming weeks from certain tests will give you the good news on the way. Some of the common symptoms that define this stage are spotting which is also known as implantation bleeding and exhaustion. The ones in the weeks before will follow but you should pay more heed to your visit, the questions you need to ask as well as get all the significant tests done to know the normalcy level of pregnancy.
You might also experience the return of your libido and the hormonal changes make the sex organs more sensitive than ever.
However, the second trimester is just a couple of weeks away, so you can be assured of a much comfortable experience soon. Occurrence of Linea Nigra which is a vertical line on the abdomen and dark in color appears this time around which will fade after delivery. Having a proper information and keen idea about the alterations that are going to take place will make things easier, convenient and smoother for an expectant mother.

Most of the times, the first two weeks of pregnancy is something that does not come into the notice of the woman solely because she has no idea about the pregnancy whatsoever. There are changes in the uterus since you have skipped your menstrual cycle and conception takes place. The latter is due to the excessive hormonal production in the body and the improved blood circulation which is continuously working to provide the baby with the important requirements.
There is an increase in the size of breasts and now is the time you should change your bra. Determined rho Spearman coefficients showed significant correlations between ISI scores and gestational age at survey and survey to birth interval (weeks) and between ESS scores and maternal weight and arm circumference at survey and neonatal birth weight. It is usually from the 3rd week that the main signs and symptoms start to show and something that is not easy to avoid.
Fertilization will occur with the sperm and if you already are aware about the situation, include good amounts of folic acid in your diet immediately. You might even confuse it with PMS signs of bloating, mood swings, backache and cramps in the leg and abdomen area.
Gastric issues might also be seen. Once you pass the 12th week and enter the second trimester, things might slowly get a little comfortable for you. Multiple linear regression analysis found that smoking habit, higher blood pressure and shorter survey to birth interval (weeks) significantly predicted higher ISI scores, and hence a higher risk of insomnia.
Employed status, increased arm circumference and neonatal weight predicted higher ESS scores (sleepiness).
Temas de Hoy, Madrid, pp 164–1685.Arakane M, Castillo C, Rosero MF, Penafiel R, Perez-Lopez FR, Chedraui P (2011) Factors relating to insomnia during the menopausal transition as evaluated by the Insomnia Severity Index. WHO Technical Report Series 854, World Health Organization, Geneva19.Sahin FK, Koken G, Cosar E et al (2008) Obstructive sleep apnea in pregnancy and fetal outcome.

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