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A man is facing charges in connection to a series of TTC bomb threats targeting subway stations in Toronto after several threats were called in over the weekend. Why in the world are you telling EVERYONE about how your husband will be plowing you without a condom? I am actually glad that we have been married for three years before TTC, but not everyone wants that. I kept checking back in on Heather's thread trying to see if this lil "mystery lady" would reveal herself. Everyone has an opinion.But babies are hard work, and they strain even the best relationships.

We are getting married on Saturday, and we have discussed at length that we were not using protection on the wedding night or any night there after. But that is something between you and your SO, if you two think it's time and have talked about it. Well maybe to be able to have a few glasses of champagne would've been nice but really it's no one else's choice but yours. He said that he was so happy for us and congratulated my husband for his role as the silent partner. If you go into knowing it's hard work but also very rewarding then at least you're not doing it blind.

I am so excited and cautiously optimistic!I would like to give a special thanks to all my IVF in May girls and KAN & Rose.I would like to give a super special shout out to Making (Expecting) Baby Anderson (Heather) who gave me the tools to succeed.

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