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He may not have a working relationship with his oldest son, but 50 Cent is definitely trying to do right by his youngest child, Sire. The rapper recently had a candid conversation with GQ magazine in which he told the interviewer that he loves children.
A few weeks back, 50 Cent told media that Shaniqua Tompkins, Marquise’s mother, was to blame for all of the turmoil between him and his son. A broadcast pro who has informed and entertained on radio and television for over a decade. Despite what gun nuts continue to scream at us, the 2nd Amendment is neither sacrosanct nor immutable. Man, I can hardly wait for the Big Lebowski bathroom tissue was the previous entry in this blog. A 51-year-old man still is being sought.Deontae Mitchell's body was found Thursday morning in a vacant lot on the city's east side. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) says she has received multiple death threats over legislation she is working on to make sure gun owners have insurance….

You know, if you think it appropriate to make death threats against those who support gun control, well…with any luck your guns WILL be taken from you.
Society has the right to institute laws and requirement designed to help keep Americans safe while still respecting the rights of gun owners under the 2nd Amendment. You deserve nothing less; under no circumstance should you be allowed anywhere near a firearm.
All Maloney’s doing is pushing legislation that would require gun owners to carry insurance. The cousin said Deontae picked up the money and they rode away.Surveillance video shows Deontae being pursued by a man who grabbed his arm and forced him into a car. Maloney told the New York Daily News that the threats came in three menacing phone calls, which left her so disturbed she ended up missing a planned awards dinner Tuesday night…. Unfortunately, there’s a small, vocal, and exceedingly unbalanced minority who view ANY attempt at gun control to be a reason for armed insurrection. What is your child’s lifestyle like right now minus your career since 2000?…Her being at home since 2000 is saying that what I provide for him is enough for her to not have to actually go to work.

All her bill would do is require gun owners to demonstrate a minimum level of responsibility.
Now they’re threatening a Congresswoman for the unforgivable sin of wanting gun owners to behave responsibly. It seems that a significant number of gun nuts didn’t get the memo, because they believe they have the right to threaten those whom they (usually incorrectly) feel want to take away their guns.
Yet there are those so inflexibly devoted the the status quo that they refuse to even consider the possibility that they can’t continue doing exactly what they want and how they want to do it. When you threaten gun control supporters with death, you’ve pretty much gone ahead and proven their argument for them.
The cousin said Deontae picked up the money and they rode away.Surveillance video shows Deontae being pursued by a man police believe to be Walker, grabbed by his arm and forced into a car.

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