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Quick Guide for the Paleo Diet for PCOS If you haven’t already heard of the Paleo Diet for PCOS, prepare to get excited. Until I found Paleo, within the first year I lost 2 stone and have never felt better in my life.
I just want to spread awareness and was wondering if maybe you would be interested in a success story? I'm just hearing that Pale can help PLUS sufferers to lose weight and start choosing a new life style. I've been eating paleo for a while now and have found that, magnesium, and greatly reducing stress have REALLY helped my irregular cycle to begin to regulate itself.

If you have never heard of the Paleo way of life, let me give you a quick overview and then we’ll talk more about why it works so well to help lose weight with PCOS. The hugest contributing factor to my own personal weight loss has always been my intake of grains. Whether it’s whole wheat bread or white bread, brown rice or white rice, grains make me fat. Plus, you can even enjoy your old comfort foods as long as you revamp them to fit the Paleo lifestyle. You will also find that the Overcome PCOS meal plans are mostly Paleo-friendly, although I do incorporate some dairy so you will want to remove those items if you are going to be strictly following the Paleo principles.

Many of us already have insulin resistance and you might even be taking huge doses of Metformin (or Glucophage) to combat this unfortunate symptom of polycystic ovaries.
The good news is that you can potentially get off of your Metformin if you drop some weight and eat a diet that is custom built for the PCOS body.
I’m going to shift into a stricter Paleo eating plan during the month of October and see how it impacts my body.

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