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The New York City Department of Education is making the morning-after-pill available to high school girls at 13 public schools. As much as I’m saddened to say this as a grown ass man with A LOT of little goddaughters running around the place, and who PROBABLY will have a daughter sometime in the [preferably FAR] future, I actually think this idea is very useful to preventing UNWANTED pregnancies. The reality of teen sex is that much of it is marked by irresponsibility, especially since its’s KIDS trying to get their grown-ass adult vibe on and have sex like big mature people, yet constantly make stupid, immature mistakes like believing the PULL-OUT method is a SUCCESSFUL way to prevent pregnancy. Ladies & Gentlemen, Are You OK With Plan-B Being Available To Young Girls In High School?
That's my entire problem with promoting the morning after pill to children by handing it out in school like candy. Screw the argument that giving condoms promotes kids having sex (which there is some truth there). But I will say this…I feel that teens would be more willing to use the pill over the use of condoms. If they give out the pill they need to have on site STD and HIV testing to scare these children.
I feel another std epidemic going on I no std prevention and test centers placed in schools along with the pill. If the kids want plan B so much or they need it, they should walk to the pharmacy to get it. Kids aren't having raw sex because they WANT to use the pill, they do it because it just FEELS better.
The pill promotes the idea of not having unwanted pregnancies go to term and ruining the lives of the mother who will probably fail at raising it alone, the father who is financially raped potentially for a kid he never wanted, and a bastard who should never have been born to people who couldn't handle caring for it. When you keep an open communication with your kids it not only builds an indestructible bond it creates knowledge ad understanding for your kids and they are better at making decisions bc they were taught to communicate and think about their actions before they even do it. Parents should make sure their kids understand what sex is all about, and the serious life changing consequences that can come with having unprotected sex. I so have to agree that giving HS girls the morning after pill is taking away one of those fears of pregnancy and giving them more incentives to have unsafe sex. They have to do more than just give out a pill to really make kids more sexually responsible. Well in the CATCH program that they are initiating, all the parents are being notified and can opt their children out of the plan. Every parent at that school should get a phone call from an automated system and an email explaining what's going on including snail mail.
One option to consider is a tubal ligation reversal which is possibly the option that will work out best. To maintain an optimal fertility level, a woman should keep her body weight in check, eat healthy foods and make sure to engage in regular exercise. In-vitro fertilization should be the last resort, but it is also a consideration for those couples that have thus far been unable to conceive.
Find health and lifestyle advices & Get answers!Share real-life experiences with more than 250,000 community members! After years of trying to get pregnant, Heather had all but given up on infertility treatments, that cost her, and her husband Justin a pretty fortune trying to get pregnant. Heather and her husband Justin, who have been together for 14 years, decided to stop all treatments, and move one with their lives. Share on Facebook Tweet This This fluffy puppy and his bird friend are so darn cute together. Share on Facebook Tweet This Dogs are so darn guilty sometimes that it’s not even funny. This story comes from The Animal Rescue Site, which is a platform for pet lovers to share rescue stories. The DOE says girls as young as 14 will be able to get the Plan B emergency contraception without parental consent.

We can all sit here and debate whether young girls are mature enough to get morning-after pills or handle condoms, but when are we going to address the FACT that they want to crush a lot? Lincoln wrote the hilarious and insightful book "You're Not A Victim, You're A Volunteer: How To Stop Letting Love Kick Your Ass". I think the parents need to bust their ass to raise kids who can wait and abstain, but there are too many children deciding not to and having unprotected sex with each other. That's right, having a fucking kid when your kid limits your opportunities and puts the bastard brewd into a position of being less likely to be oin par with its peers in many things.
The CATCH program allows parents to opt their child out of being able to receive the morning after pill without their notification. Notice, the CATCH program allows parents to have their children opt-out of the plan so it's not like ANY child can get it. The idea that this is promoting sex is ridiculous because teenage sex has NEVER needed promotion. All that's going to do is have teenage boys 1) give girls more reasons not to use condoms 2) collect morning after pills and crush them in his gf chocolate milk out the cafateria . Get more after school activities , college prep courses in hs, and others resources and this wouldn't be the main concern.
So if the choice is between this and something the school needs to help educate kids then yes it seems like a waste. This is not an issue that can be contemplated and argued for months before action is taken, because teens are getting pregnant every single day in North America.
I believe that the problems lies some with parenting and lack of information from sources they trust. While most believe the procedure is permanent, there are those women that change their mind and want to become pregnant after having it done. The procedure is serious and a female will more than likely require a hospital stay, but it can be cheaper and less invasive than other methods of assisted reproduction. Another important thing to consider is the fertility of the partner; male fertility is something that should not be ignored.
While a tubal ligation is considered to be a permanent procedure, by exploring all the choices and making the right decisions a couple can still conceive and have a healthy baby. Many women make the decision to have their tubal ligation reversed after they discover that they wish to have more children. Complications due to Fibro Cystic Ovary Syndrome, made it difficult for the couple conceive. With a community of over 80,000 + fans and followers, we cover everything from dog news, viral sensations, pet adoption (Adoption spotlight) and photos. Parents have been notified about the CATCH pilot program and how their daughters can opt out of it.
He is also a public speaker who has sat on panels all over North America and the Caribbean. There are a lot of grown ppl out here not using anything , acting irresponsible and making it look cool and acceptable . This is something something that needs to be done one on one with the mom n the kid, or a one on two with both parents and the kid , or vise versa. Now granted some folks will have all of the education you can give and just decide to go do what they want to do. If there is an age limit they need the parents consent and I'm assuming taking this at a young age can lead to medical issues if used inappropriately. While female's chances of becoming pregnant after having her tubes tied are low, there are ways in which it can happen.
A woman should mentally and emotionally prepare herself for the journey of trying to get pregnant after tubes tied. The man should also give up smoking, alcohol and caffeine and avoid exposing the genitals to hot tubs and saunas in order to increase the chances of conception.

Founded in 2013 by avid dog lover, and journalist Eric Smith, the Fido4ever blog seeks to bring you fresh global perspectives from our life with dogs. City Council Speaker Christine Quinn says she supports the program because high school students are sexually active and getting pregnant.
This is not an easy situation to deal with, but sitting back, doing nothing and saying these kids need to abstain is the most ridiculous and dangerous thing we can do. I can see why the school feels they want to take some action , but not passing out morning after pills. Regardless, the point is, that no matter how much u people try to teach your kids about sex, kids will be kids.
Honestly, it didn't keep me pure (infrequent and while in relas), but it kept me very serious about prevention.
Most don't understand the concept of being pregnant at a young age and struggling nor have they looked into the face of a dying AIDS patient, talked with a woman who is infertile because her gonorrhea went undetected for years. Many women desire to become pregnant after having their tubes tied, there are a few different ways in which it can happen and two options to explore when trying to conceive. For even the most fertile woman, a tubal ligation reversal and the time needed to become pregnant can take six months or more.
When trying to get pregnant after tubal ligation, a woman should consider all the options available for trying to conceive.
I believe that it is very irresponsible for our young kids to acting to foolish, but I find it even more irresponsible and embarrassing that these parents were brave enough to lay down and get pregnant strong enough to have and support them but lazy cowardly and weak to teach them.
My mother told me what the consequences of that action would be, and I believed her crazy self, LOL!
Forget that talking, when I have children I want them to volunteer and see what it is like from their own eyes.
For a woman that has undergone surgical sterilization, trying to get pregnant after tubes tied can be a challenge. During this time period, it is important for a woman to adopt healthy lifestyle habits, eat a balanced diet and give up smoking, caffeine, alcohol, drugs or any other hazardous choices in order to ensure fertility levels are peak. These kids are having unprotected sex they could have more than a baby and the factor can't be ignored especially now that the kids know plan b is available. You can talk until you are blue in the face, but to witness things first hand is different. First of all this comes with side effects some affecting more than others and I feel by offering this so called quick remedy will lean more towards kids willing to forego practicing safe s.ex. As a nurse practitioner who constantly sees poor girls come in with multiple children, teens with reccurrent STIs, etc.
The more any parent tries to control or be too strict , the more they will want to do the exact opposite!
Again, I totally agree that sex education is needed and not just to hand out methods of birth control but that doesn't treat the underlying problem.
The youth need some one investing in them, helping them understand their self worth and develop self-esteem.
Belanger has 20 years of experience in women's healthcare and nursing, including labor and delivery, postpartum and antenatal. She is passionate toward improving both maternal and fetal outcomes of high-risk obstetrics patients.

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