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Anonymous Mom is a weekly column of motherhood confessions, indiscretions, and parental shortcomings selected by Mommyish editors. Years ago, when I was trying to conceive our first child, my husband was rather uninterested in the whole process. First it was my sister-in-law whose husband went out and bought a baseball and a Barbie before she was even pregnant. His attitude didn’t change for baby three, who was also conceived on the first cycle of trying, and a tiny little rankling hung in the back of my head. While he sounds like a jerk, could it be possible that he did not want to have children and you ignored this?
My husband wasn’t the kind of guy who read all the books and tried to micromanage my pregnancy out of excitement.
My step-sister’s husband actually kept an Excel spreadsheet of everything she ate during the pregnancy.
Finally, when I was about 7 months pregnant, I asked, “What in the hell is up with you? Mine wasn’t either during the process, and was kind of blase for a while after too, while the gravity of it sunk in. He is now a wonderful father who works his ass off to support our family and does everything he can for our children.
Unfortunately sometimes life (or other people) require otherwise pleasant people to drop their manners and morph in to a raging bitch.
And it does sound as though you hit the ground running regarding babies and didn’t quite check to see whether he was as ready as you were. My husband always had a rocky relationship with his father (due to his father’s awful behavior) and I think that he was TERRIFIED of becoming HIS dad and repeating the same mistakes. Up until we actually had the baby, my husband seemed really bemused by the whole situation. Thanks so much for writing this, and I’m sorry that some of the comments kind of blame you a bit, as though you somehow slipped three planned pregnancies by him without some cooperation on his part. And remember, there is a good chance a bunch of the people who say how excited they are or whatever are lying, like I feel compelled to. I hated that mindset too – that I was supposed to be jumping up and down with glee at the thought of having a BABY when I was really terrified at the idea of raising a competent ADULT. My husband is ho-hum about charting or that stuff but all he really needs is the go ahead for sexy times, amirite? Shortly after getting married, my husband and I decided to grow our family and hoped to have a baby. Yes, I got the process, but I had no idea the struggles we could face when trying to get pregnant. But for my husband and me, trying to conceive was a lot more complicated and took far longer than either of us expected. Being able to vent frustrations, brainstorm ideas, and just laugh at the weirdness that is trying to get pregnant was key to preserving my sanity. Most people have no idea such a thing exists, but you’ve become more knowledgeable than you ever thought necessary.
It’s like you can feel it going high, soft, and opening when you’re stuck at a work meeting.
Everything is scheduled and planned as if the calendar is split in two: pre-ovulation and the two-week wait.
There is so much that can contribute to not feeling like having sex, and stress is one factor that turns the drive down. When you’re struggling to get pregnant—or it doesn’t happen in the timeline you want it to—hearing other people are expecting can be rough and even bring you to instant tears. Not only are you frantically researching tips and tricks to get pregnant, you start looking at IUI, IVF, fertility testing, and adoption.

Having a tribe of people—your support group—is life-saving when you’re stuck in the TTC cycle.
No couple enjoys the entire process of trying to conceive, and for some, the wait can be unbearable and painful. Devan McGuinness is the founder and editor of Unspoken Grief, an award-winning resource and support site for anyone touched by miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal loss.
Under this unanimous byline, readers can share their own stories, secrets, and moments of weakness with complete anonymity.
Not to say that he wasn’t more than happy to do his part to accomplish a pregnancy, but he wasn’t excited. Then it was friends on Facebook talking lovingly about their wives getting pregnant and friends from college whose husbands were openly eager to conceive. You began charting, tracking cycles and all that on your own, could that have been a sign that he kinda didn’t want to have children? I really think that would’ve more irritating to me than his seeming lack of involvement.
And I’m glad we came to Dr Ukaka, Because his pregnancy spell cast put us at ease, and I honestly believe him, and his gods really helped us as well, I am thankful for all he has done. We never tried to conceive, I got pregnant due to poor planning both times and we really weren’t ready emotionally or financially. But he had to have a wake up call that for better or for worse, these were our children and they were here and he had to step up to the plate. Maybe he is more private about the process of becoming a father and all of the public display and discussion makes him uncomfortable.
My husband was the same way, and it caused a lot of problems for us in the beginning, and created a big rift at first He is not a fan of new babies either… it kind of broke my heart. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. I was the first of my friends to venture into parenthood, and admittedly, I didn’t have much of an understanding of the whole process. It’s hard to comprehend the toll that months negative pregnancy tests can have on your relationship and self-esteem. Then, you’ll be stuck in the TWW and count the seconds to POAS when you’re 13 DPO and pray for a BFP. You hold off on anything that you think could be harmful (even a cup of coffee), only enjoying these things when you have your period and never after you’ve ovulated.
You need someone to share those big moments (high-five for a clear progesterone surge) and to lend an ear so you can safely vent (boo to a short LF). Sometimes, getting through the hard times means being able to laugh and see the bright side for a moment—even if the silver lining is that you’ve gotten to know your body more intimately than ever before. Around Christmas, I wanted to test so badly just to see, so I ran to a Stop and Shop at six a.m.
Even when our babies arrived each time, I’ve always felt he lacked a certain level of enthusiasm for the creation of life.
He wanted to be a dad but was so terrified of being a dad, of screwing it up, of raising a brat.
And sometimes they agree to them because they know wife wants them or (in my case) because they happen but they resent the shit out of it and they have to have a wake up call. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
You know, you did the deed and you got pregnant—that’s what I was led to believe in my school’s health class at least. I think if I had asked my husband to do all of that stuff, he would’ve looked at me like I was crazy.
That went a long way towards easing my own fears that he didn’t care, but even the day I went in for my C-section, he seemed removed from the process, that is until they wheeled me into the recovery room.

More likely, my husband and other guys like him are maybe all a little bit on the jerk scale. Even mid-way through my husband had to be prodded to feel my stomach when the boy was kicking.
Now with regard to your husband, I would say he just wasn’t into the whole process and reacted like a jerk. Because who, among those who really wants children, isn’t just a little excited for trying to make one? Either way, comparing him to others is never going to give you good results (couldn’t he do the same of you?).
I mean, I get it, pregnancy is wonderful and there are a lot of changes happening to you on many levels, but just because you are pregnant does not mean everything has to be about pregnancy and that everyone is totally on board and delighted to do Pinterstry things with you on your pregnancy.
I wouldn’t do any of that stuff if I were pregnant, but I would make sure I was healthy and keeping my unborn child healthy and safe. In one instance the nurses were all teasing him because we had chosen her first bath as my first try getting out of bed and he literally forgot about me hobbling down the hall because he was so focussed and excited to give her a bath.
But I forged on even though everyone called me a bitch for not allowing contact with our children.
Some guys aren’t into the whole thing even though they love their children which are the result.
But, See as He made an expressway in the middle of an ocean for the Israelites to pass, that's how our God will surprise your family with many tiny feet.
I’m anticipating the exact same thing when our son is born in april, despite him not exactly jumping off the walls decorating the nursery and feeling my abdomen. Your husband definitely went a little overboard with the negativity and i would say that is the unfortunate part. When I suggested we start charting my belly growth via pictures or sketches or something, he said it would make our son feel bad because we had not done so for him.
Some guys just have an easier time bonding when they can actually physically see the child and feel that attachment. When we had the third, a girlfriend at work took pictures every few weeks of my expanding waist line in the classic side shot. The giddy pregnancy or even pregnancy in general phase is not for everyone, but I would be more critical about him loving and caring for your children now and loving and caring for you in general.
I think as women we have the advantage of being in physical contact with our babies, whereas for some men a pregnancy seems to be more of a concept than a baby. Watching him and our three year old play ball, and cook together, and just be the best of friends it can be really hard to imagine there was ever a time she wasn’t the center of his universe.
Your sincerity shows through and it's obvious you have placed your wife's happiness above yours!
I'm rest assured that with people like you, it's only a matter of time, but the best would surely come. The OP or whoever the subject is has been only married for just 31 months (2 years and 7 months) and acting like its been 10 years.Biology is very simple, it's not magic. Invite nieces,nephews, young cousins etc over during the holiday period.Yorubas belief of 'ori omo npe omo wa si aye' sometimes works. Now my friend wipe those tears, and go to the shopping mall, begin to buy every single item that a new born needs. Go to a different clinic and have them check your michael phelps thoroughlyYou think its easy? Go to a different clinic and have them check your michael phelps thoroughlyWho is this ar.sehole?

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