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You know the holiday season is in full swing when those jingles jangle on the radio, those lights liven up the neighborhood, and when it seems that the heads of the household are moving a mile a minute. This nifty craft makes for handy holders that teachers can use to hang papers and reminders. Let your little one help in this colorful craft so long as Mom takes on the role as glue-gun operator. The holiday season is around the corner, and if you haven’t already started shopping for your little ones, I’ve got some great gift ideas that’ll keep them happy all year long. At home, your child probably has a number of great toys to keep him entertained, but when you are in the car, visiting a relative, or even out to dinner the entertainment options are few and far between. Reader Review: “My preschooler received the set and immediately started playing with the blocks. For the budding chef in the family, this non-traditional but uber-cool gift will leave him wanting to spend day and night in the kitchen, cooking up new recipes. Go crazy and make a popsicle with two flavors, a flavored core or dipped – the possibilities are endless.
Reader Review: “My family is so obsessed with popsicles that we eat them all year long, even when there’s snow on the ground outside and a fire’s burning in our living room hearth. Baby Bunch was born after a married couple, who had just welcomed their first child, realized that most baby apparel gifts are packaged in bland boxes or simple wrapping, which can detract from the beautiful gift inside.
These 100% cotton pink Birdhouse Pajamas feature a bird graphic on the top and pink on pink striped pants, wrapped up tight, alongside a yellow plush toy bird, in a birdhouse with a magnetic roof. Writer Reaction: “I recently saw these PJs, and the adorable box that they come in, on display, and I was amazed at the detail on the birdhouse packaging and the softness of the pajamas. Wexel Art was created as a solution to the common problem that parents of young elementary school students face — too much artwork and not enough space in the home for display. Writer Reaction: “I want one of these dolls for myself, because they are just so beautiful. Your baby’s first blanket is special, because she will end up carrying that blanket around with her through the toddler years, refusing to let you wash it when it gets dirty, because she just can’t part with it, so choose wisely. Romy & Rosie’s embroiderable baby blankets, which come in 4 pastel colors (white, yellow, light blue and light pink), are made in South Africa of 100% hypoallergenic cotton. If you want to save money and time this year, plus fit in some fun with your little one (check, check, and check), you're in luck.
All you need are painter's markers, magnetic tape strips that have adhesive backs, wooden clothespins, an X-Acto knife (for Mom's use only!), and a ruler.
Once she's finished, tie some new markers to the top of the block with a bow to hand off to her teacher before the holidays.
You will need a big box of crayons, a large plastic cup (you can probably find one at your local craft supply store), and hot glue.

Take a shopping trip with your little "planter" to gather all the items you need: an unfinished clay pot, a package of flower seeds and dirt, paint, brown tissue paper, green tissue paper shreds, and a candle.
That’s where Tegu, a toy company, started by two brothers, that specializes in magnetic wooden blocks comes in. The Zoku Duo Quick Pop Maker (BPA and phthalate free) has revolutionized making homemade frozen treats by allowing you to hold a gourmet popsicle in your hands after just seven minutes of freezing time.
Customize the ingredients you use, based on your own dietary restrictions, and enjoy a one-of-a-kind dessert that you can feel good about eating. My husband and daughter were very eager to try out the Duo Pop Maker, so they found a recipe from the Zoku website and prepared the pops. They started by offering newborn basics — onesies, hats and bibs – and now, years later, they carry an assortment of other apparel items (in a range of sizes), all uniquely packaged. Once your child receives this set, she will be just as excited to play with the birdhouse and make a home for her dollies, as she is to don her new PJs. This clear 12 x 12-inch acrylic panel, which features four brushed silver wall mounts (with screws and anchors, plus four pairs of small, strong magnets), can serve as a personal art installation for your child’s masterpieces. When I first received the Be Square frame, I used it as originally intended, to display my child’s drawings.
Socks the Fox, one of 63 different characters, is made of 100% cotton, which makes him the best sleepy-time mate for either your son or daughter.
I am such a fan of toys that don’t need buttons, sound or blinking lights to inspire imagination and bring joy to children, which is a concept that BlaBla really seems to understand and showcase in their line of dolls. They are soft, warm and easy to clean, but more importantly, they are meant for the wear and tear of everyday use and will serve your child well with each cuddle.
Mamas like you shared their adorable (and kid-friendly) ideas to handcraft treats for your tots' preschool or daycare teachers. He can tear off the cover of an old book and draw one half of a heart on the book's first page. Once you've collected all your supplies cut the magnetic tape strips to fit the length of the clothespin and stick them on one side.
First, ask your little one to choose his favorite crayon colors from the bunch and have him line them up in a row. Once you've purchased your clay pot, have your child personalize her teacher's gift with paint.
The Pocket Pouch contains eight blocks, made of sustainable Honduras hardwood — four cubes and four short planks – that have a water-based and non-toxic coating. The next day, she wanted to create new shapes, which kept her occupied for at least 30 minutes.
This maker is just a downsized version of the original Quick Pop Maker, but it works in exactly the same way.

If you’re feeling adventurous, make a savory popsicle for a summer night dinner party by freezing a chilled soup. Literally 7 minutes later they both had gourmet-looking popsicles in their hands, which quickly went into their mouths. Unlike other frames where you need to size and mount artwork, all you need to do is remove the magnets from the frame, take away the piece of art, simply place another work up and secure with the magnets. However, as I began changing out his art daily, I realized that the frame could serve me as well, so I placed inspirational quotes and to-do lists behind it on days that my son didn’t have new artwork from school.
However, if you’ve got a true girly girl in the house, Socks has a female fox friend named Suzette, who is ready to be taken home, too. Now for Mom's job: Using a pair of scissors or an X-Acto knife, cut out the half-heart shapes. Let it dry, and then have your little one crumble pieces of the brown tissue paper to place inside the pot to look like dirt. The set is neatly housed in an industrial felt pouch, which makes clean-up and storage a breeze. I love that they all click together when she is done playing with them, so that we will never have a missing piece that prevents her from playing with the set again. You place the device in the freezer for 24 hours, fill with liquid popsicle mixture, wait seven minutes and voila!
It’s so easy to use that your child can do it himself, but we don’t recommend this being used in a child’s room under the age of 3, due to small pieces. Scatter the green tissue paper into pieces around the brown tissue paper (a faux plant to serve as a placeholder until the real thing grows) and place the seeds and dirt package inside the pot.
There are four different Pocket Pouch sets, available in the following colors: Natural, Mahogany, Jungle (out of stock until February 2012) and Tegu Tints (out of stock until February 2012).
Your maker comes with four sticks, four drip guards and one Super Tool (which aids in popsicle removal).
Polka-dots are a simple pattern for even the littlest pupils to draw.) Then package up to present to the teacher with a cute card as shown. Once the glue has dried, let your little one fan the pages open so that they create an apple.
Add a cut-out leaf with your pint-sized pupil's name on it and bring it to school the next day.

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