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As many of you probably know, a few Justin Bieber photos surfaced of him smoking what appeared to be a marijuana blunt.  Since then, Twitter has exploded with fans asking him to stop smoking, which resulted in a horrible hoax.
If you go to Twitter, you will find #cutforbieber is the number 1 trending hashtag.  Now it has been declared a hoax, but kids are so impressionable has it done harm already.
All parents-be sure to talk to your children and make sure they know that NOBODY is worth harming themselves! Although, there are a few people who took this joke seriously, a lot of people are just trying to make fun of the situation. Although it was started as a hoax, this is a very sensitive subject that many people deal with on a day to day basis.  If you know someone who harms their body, get them help.
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Putting in good nutrition ensures a healthy body and mind and although we should be getting all our vitamins and minerals from a well balanced diet, it isn't always possible to get everything you need.
A good supplement programme can help you get all the vitamins and minerals you need to keep you healthy before and after pregnancy.
The 'Fat Around the Middle' products are recommended by Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD, author of the international best selling book 'Fat Around the Middle - How to lose that bulge for good' . The moment you know you are carrying, you will all of a sudden become conscious about what you eat, how you sleep and even what you see and hear, because you just can’t stand any negatives happening to the lovely bundle of joy that is taking form inside your womb.
When you decide to start a family, it is always good to do certain things much before you conceive so that you can prepare both physically and mentally for a healthy pregnancy. When you are mentally and physically prepared to welcome a new member to your family, there is more chance of getting pregnant. So consider your career, finance, family and everything that matters to you before you nod a yes to make love for a baby. I personally know many people who had irregular periods, extreme tummy cramps and abnormal bleedings during their periods.

So stop using your birth control pill and if things are not turning out as it should be, then please consult a doctor. Knowing when you ovulate is very important when you are desperately waiting to get pregnant. This is really important if you are on certain medicines or have a family history of some hereditary diseases or conditions. The whole idea of a preconception checkup is to make sure that the mom is fit for a normal pregnancy. Some people even go for genetic carrier screening to make sure that their babies are safe from genetic diseases like sickle cell anemia, cystic fibrosis etc.
Get your blood checked for hemoglobin, consult your doctor and start iron supplements if required. If you are skipping breakfast, eating junk food and having your dinner with more junk foods at the middle of the night, then it is time to change it. If you are underweight and not gaining proper weight during pregnancy then it can be a reason for an underweight baby.
Hence I opted for flats and this may be one reason why I had very less back pains during and after pregnancy. Hope this article on the 14 things to consider when you are trying to conceive was of help. Anu is mother to 15-month-old Reyhan and strongly believes that a good parent is a good role model for the children.
Periods are still regarded as kind of embarrassing secret and people don’t see it as a natural process that happens to every girl child. Yes Roshni majority of the ladies don’t even think of preparing themselves for conceiving. You and your partner will want to give yourselves the very best chance of success and having a healthy happy pregnancy. But most of us will be confirming a pregnancy in our 2nd month and by this time your baby has already started taking form in your uterus. These are the 14 best tips for getting pregnant and have a healthy baby by taking proper care of yourself. Periods should be regular and if you have irregular periods please do consult a doctor and get it corrected.

If you have a menstrual cycle of 28 days, then your date of ovulation is around the 14th day of your menstrual cycle.
If you are having any medical conditions that can become a barrier to your healthy pregnancy, this is the time to sort it out.
Taking folic acid 1 to 2 months before conceiving and during the first trimester helps to decrease the chances of birth defects in your baby. This can help you to get rid of any vitamin or mineral deficiencies you are having and make your body cleaner.
But I am also aware of the side effects of using high heels and how much it can affect my posture and back. This also helps in keeping the weight in limits and bending down gives an exercise to abdomen. When she is not blogging, she can be found glued to Bollywood gossip shows or asking her hubby if she is fat for the 'n'th time. The Natural Health Practice recommend a three month programme to get both your bodies into the best change and condition for conceiving. You can refer to the 11 symptoms of pregnancy before missed period you might fail to notice.
This is the time you are most fertile and so your chances of getting pregnant is also high. Also let him know your family history and do the needful precautions to have a healthy baby. So consult with your doctor and decide if you are in risk of getting any diseases and get vaccinated if required. She tries to see the positive side of everything and loves reading, writing and watching movies.

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