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Temitope Alao gave birth to 3-pound triplets at Woodhull Hospital, Brooklyn, New York on Thursday morning, February 11, about eight months into her pregnancy.
The 34yr old new mother who has been trying to conceive for 6 years welcomed a girl, Temiloluwa, and two boys, Oluwafikayomi and Ifeoluwa (baby Ifeoluwa is the only one pictured. In the delivery room was Afolake Alao, 58, a longtime registered nurse at Woodhull Medical Center and the children’s grandmother. The only thing left to do for the family is to introduce the babies to their dad for the first time. Afolake Alao said she insisted that her daughter-in-law, who had been trying to conceive for six years, come to the United States for the delivery.

It's s discouraging when everyone around you seems to be pregnant and you hear about yet another celebrity who is pregnant. In fact, I feel like its happening now on 11dpo but it would be too soon for me to have enough progesterone to get a BFP I would assume. A coworker told me she got pregnant on accident w her second and I literally felt myself crumble on the inside. I am 12dpo today and trying to wait until 14dpo, but feeling like I might get a BFP now if I tested. Didn't get too excited since wondfo was neg in morn and heard you can have lh surge before AF (due in two days).

Tons of cm, have never had an abundance like this ever in my life, every single DPO ive had it. Went to birthday dinner with hubby Ned grAbbed a two pack first response that has reg and digital to double check. After multiple months of BFN, I was getting discouraged and planning our options to get tested for infertility.

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