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Taking folic acid before and during the first stages of pregnancy will help your baby’s brain and spinal cord develop properly.
Avoid contact with toxic substances or materials at work and at home that could cause problems with your pregnancy.
To improve your chances of getting pregnant, it’s important that your partner is healthy, too.
According to ABC News on Saturday, controversial photos of a pregnant California woman lifting 75 pounds for exercise have ignited a flurry of Facebook comments as some call into question the practice of pumping iron while expecting. Fox Sports reports that the 20-year-old Venezuelan fell forward underneath the bar while holding the weight above her. Courtesy Sophie Guidolin Australian fitness trainer Sophie Guidolin continues to lift weights even though she is 26 weeks pregnant with twins. Drinking alcohol while trying to conceive or during early pregnancy will not harm the baby's development, research has claimed.

Drinking alcohol while trying to conceive or during early pregnancy will not harm the baby's development, research has claimed, the Daily Mail reported.
The research also shows how moderate drinking, one unit a day, does not affect the child's IQ and other brain functions. However, high levels of consumption a€“ nine or more drinks a week a€“ were linked to a lower attention span at the age of five. The Danish doctors behind the research said that the findings should not be taken as a green light for pregnant women to start binge drinking. Your baby may be at risk for certain problems or diseases that run in your family, and you should be aware of them and inform your doctor, as well. You’ll want to stick with low-impact aerobic exercises, and as noted, avoid contact exercises as well as exercises where you are at risk of falling.
Also, have your doctor perform tests to measure your risk for other problems, such as anemia and Hepatitis.

Speak to your physician before starting an exercise program to make sure you choose one that is individually tailored to your needs. These behaviors not only lower the chance of conception, but are dangerous to both you and the baby. Pregnancy affects hormonal levels, which can increase your susceptibility to gum disease and in turn, the health of the baby. These problems are not caused by anything you do during your pregnancy, but you should still be aware of their possibility.

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