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For some women, they normally have no mucus discharge at all and so, when this scant sticky mucus appears, they are entering the fertile phase.
This level of mucus would be potentially fertile for all women, because it is more profuse and showing stretchy qualities. This last photo shows how clear, wet, stretchy and slippery the fertile mucus can become around ovulation and why it is usually compared with raw egg-white. It may not seem quite so clear every cycle, or you may in fact just miss seeing it at this level.

Sometimes it may even look a bit brown or reddish, due to tiny loss of blood at this point.
As seen from the photos, the build up and changes in the mucus symptom give warning of approaching ovulation. She would no longer feel DRY but instead would have a damp, even wet, sensation at the vaginal opening (vulva). Continuing with intercourse too far in the first part of the cycle is the most common cause of surprise pregnancy.

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