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If ever there were a generation that is sick and tired of gloom and doom prophecy, this has got to be it.
Then you have various psychics such as Nostradamus to the Mayan Calendar ending on December 21, 2012. On a more serious note, you have prophetic predictions by Hal Lindsey who called for the end by 1987 (40 years after Israel became a nation) to several missed and one upcoming call by Harold Camping whose upcoming Judgment Day is arriving in just a few days from now a€“ May 21, 2012. Ok ladies, if you put down what your CD1, Odate and POAS date (if you know them) I will update the chart.

All the talk about Chinese food has me hungry for it now - thanks, ladies.  I guess that's what we'll be having for dinner tonite! Hi Kristy!!  Hope the Chinese is yummy and that you meet the best DR& RN in the whole world!!!
Leanna - sorry to hear about your computers and being sick.  I hope everything is better soon!
Men’s bathrooms could presumably be converted into porcelain forests, with the chirping of recorded birds complementing the relaxing sound of water flowing down each tree trunk.

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I also killed my computer at work and am working on a temp laptop until they can figure it out.

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