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Cut The Use Of Testosterone SupplementsToday, more men are being diagnosed with infertility than ever before.
Dallas urologists have been recommending various medical treatments and have been encouraging people to get diagnosed and to opt for the solutions that are medically proven in curing male infertility. However, an unprecedented number of men are taking to means that can either cause infertility or worsen the condition if a man is already suffering from infertility instead of opting for proven treatments.Are Testosterone supplements safe?Several hundred thousands of men in the country are using testosterone supplements, including those that are prescribed and those that are sold over the counter. The commercials and unending promotions of testosterone supplements and the fact that they are prescribed have made them the apparently surefire way to look better, slimmer and fitter. Regrettably, the testosterone supplements are not conducive to the general health and they can cause infertility or trigger factors that would prevent curing of infertility.Dallas urologists have advocated against testosterone supplements for a long time now.

More than 1500 men who reported taking testosterone supplements had been examined in the research. The average age of the participating subjects was 35 and their entire medical history was also examined.
34 men among the participants agreed to stop using testosterone supplements that they have been buying as a prescription drug. After discontinuing the testosterone supplements, 28 out of the 34 men witnessed a surge in their natural sperm production.
On an average, the sperm concentration in semen jumped from 1.8 million per milliliter to 34 million per milliliter after supplemental testosterone was discontinued. For 6 out of 34 men, there was no recovery of sperm production and there was no noticeable jump in the concentration either.

I had seen several urologists who could not figure out why I was having some strange symptoms.
Green is Board Certified by the American Board of Urology and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

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